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McLaren is a top Orlando engineering firm providing custom, full-service building solutions that can take projects of any size, shape and scope from concept to completion.

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Andrew Habel Orlando Engineering
, PE, SE
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Renowned for our high quality services and innovative solutions, McLaren offers expert consultation, engineering, design, construction support, inspection, project management, and more.

We offer comprehensive engineering services and solutions throughout Florida that take any project from concept to completion with expert consultation, design, construction support, inspection and project management.

Full-Service Solutions

Structural Engineering

New Construction, Building Additions, Renovations, Inspections, Sustainability, Specialty Services...

Site + Civil Engineering

Land Development, Public Infrastructure, Water Resource Management, Traffic Engineering, Sustainability….

Marine + Coastal

Structural Design, Geotechnical, Inspection, Rehabilitation, Permitting, Resiliency...

Construction Engineering

Crane Engineering, Rigging, Heavy Lifts, Steel Connection, Shoring, Logistics, Site Safety…

Bridge, Highway + Rail

Design, Design-Build, Bridge Construction, Inspections, Rehabilitation, Culverts, Dam Structures…

All Services + Solutions

View all the services and innovative solutions which make McLaren a leading Florida engineering firm…

Entertainment Engineering

Live Events, Venues, Rigging, Staging, Show Action Machinery, Rides, Theming, Signage…

Facade + Envelope

Consulting, Design, Glass, Glazing, Metal Panels, Inspection, Remediation…

Geotechnical Engineering

Soil Testing, Foundation Engineering, Earthwork Design…

Forensic Investigation

Litigation Support, Investigations, Expert Testimony, Demonstratives...

Survey + Mapping

Hydrographic, Topographic, Drone, Reality Capture, Construction, Survey Control…

All Services + Solutions

View all the services and innovative solutions which make McLaren a leading Florida engineering firm…

Local Florida

McLaren’s Orlando engineering team provides custom full-service building solutions throughout the State. We work across 10 distinct markets to shape Florida’s unique building environment for both private and public clients. From preserving historic cities to improving infrastructure, bridge and roadway work to PE dive inspections, industrial builds and everything in between, our regional experts are building a better future.


Florida Structural

With a wide range of services spanning from concept to completion, McLaren’s structural engineering group is built on a foundation of technical excellence, cutting-edge capabilities, pragmatic solutions, and a sensitivity for aesthetics.

Offering multidisciplinary consulting, analysis, design, project management, and construction phase support, our expert building engineers enable clients to best meet all project goals while building more efficiently and cost-effectively. With a full range of services for new construction projects to additions, renovations, and historic preservation and everything in between, out team can take you from concept to completion.

Expert Insight

Mass Timber
CLT + Glulam Building

As engineers, we play an important role in shaping the built environment – from developing structural designs with a sensitivity for architectural aesthetics to choosing the best material types for those designs. 

Versatile, attractive, and sustainable, the potential of mass timber in new construction across Florida is capturing the imaginations of building professionals and sustainability advocates alike. Whether building tall structures or sprawling long-span complexes, the use of mass timber enables the development of high-performance buildings that are exceptionally strong, have a lower carbon footprint than concrete, are lighter and stronger than steel, and are able to achieve similar fire resistance ratings.



McLaren’s construction engineering team offers full-service crane engineering services, from planning and plan/calculation preparation to in-house expediting to handle all filing and permitting needs.

From large infrastructure projects to buildings and specialty structures, our firm can determine the most optimal and cost-effective engineering solutions by assisting with means and methods of construction, planning, logistics, and project management for building projects across the country. This ensures jobs stay on time and within budget while providing the best solutions from the ground up.

Our construction engineering services include rigging, steel connection, shoring, crane engineering, and site safety.

St. Pete Pier Temporary Shoring Engineering Pier Head Building

St. Pete Pier Shoring, St. Petersburg, FL

McLaren devised a plan to support the shoring for the construction of the heavy upper floors of the pier head building.

Specialty Market

Orlando Engineers

McLaren’s mixed use engineering services are helping to redefine urban planning and build communities in Florida and nationwide. Moreover, we specialize in bringing residential, commercial, cultural, and entertainment uses into one space.

For example, we are the teams behind projects like Tioga Town Center in Gainesville and Banyan Cove in Deland.

Additionally, our experience and expertise encompass all aspects of the building life cycle with structural design, inspection and construction phase services.


Orlando Entertainment

We have helped create some of the best productions, events, concerts, displays, staging and entertainment facilities in Florida and worldwide. Working with the biggest names in the business, our iconic work has revolutionized the audience experience with never-before-seen feats of engineering.

Additionally, our team is experienced in theme park and amusement work throughout Florida. From concept and design, to continuous support through fabrication and installation, our multi-disciplinary team has been meticulously engineering theme parks to magnify the guest experience.

Our Orlando entertainment teams specializes in ride show engineering, theming engineering, show staging, facility engineering, technical design and mechanical engineering to create some of the world’s most iconic attractions.


Marine +
Coastal Soutions

With the most advanced and reliable services available in-house, McLaren’s Florida marine engineering division is changing the landscape of the maritime industry. Comprised of over 45 engineers, designers, engineer divers, and scientists, our firm provides unrivaled services in complex waterfront inspection, dredging support, design, rehabilitation, permitting, and construction management.

Additionally, our Florida coastal engineering and resiliency practice puts the focus on protecting communities and waterfront facilities through coastal flood risk management, coastal engineering, coastal restoration and mitigation, and waterfront redevelopment.


Structural Inspections +

Early signs of deterioration are not always obvious to the untrained eye. As such, detailed visual, hands-on, and sometimes probe inspections by expert structural engineers are imperative.

Our robust Orlando-based structural inspection and investigation services can identify deterioration to determine the structural well-being of a building and its individual components anywhere in Florida. Additionally, we perform root cause analysis and help provide short and long-term remediation, rehabilitation, and repair support.

Specialty Market

Wood Framed Low Rise
Multi-family Residential

McLaren’s diverse portfolio includes many low rise wood-framed multi family residential structures across Florida. Our structural engineers understand that when designed per building codes, low rise wood-framed buildings are safe, cost-effective, and sustainable.

From standard all wood-framed buildings to luxury complexes utilizing wood framing with steel or concrete podiums, we offer advanced design-build capabilities and value engineering solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes.

Specialty Market


Florida has more Active adult communities with affordable homes, than any other state, with hundreds opening each year. As areas across the State continue to attract retirees, the need for 55+ community developments continues to increase.

Our senior housing engineering projects span from the development of active adult, independent living, and assisted living to memory care and skilled nursing care facilities. Our Florida team provides full range solutions including civil engineering and site development, structural engineering services for new construction, and construction engineering services.


Renowned for a trusted, high-quality approach, our award-winning firm solves complex engineering challenges with creative, custom solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.


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