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McLaren is a top Orlando engineering firm that provides trusted, full-service building solutions throughout Florida. While we are best known for engineering iconic entertainment, marine and construction projects throughout Florida, our services support both private and public projects of nearly every size, shape, and scope worldwide.

We offer comprehensive engineering services and solutions that take any project from concept to completion with expert consultation, design, construction support, inspection and project management. Our core technical divisions include:

Structural Engineering
Site + Civil
Marine + Coastal
Construction Engineering
Bridge, Highway + Rail
Entertainment Engineering
Facade + Envelope
Geotechnical Engineering
Forensic Investigation
Survey + Mapping
All Services


Early signs of deterioration are not always obvious to the untrained eye. As such, detailed visual, hands-on, and sometimes probe inspections by expert structural engineers are imperative.

Our robust Orlando-based  structural inspection and investigation services can identify deterioration to determine the structural well-being of a building and its individual components anywhere in Florida. Additionally, we perform root cause analysis and help provide short and long-term remediation, rehabilitation, and repair support.


Civil engineering plays an integral role in bringing public and private developments to life. From pre-development and due diligence studies to remediation and construction phase, our firm delivers innovative land solutions throughout the entitlement and building process.

Our civil and geotechnical engineers, environmental professionals, and permitting specialists work to develop site plans, land use designs, engineering support, and inspection services for projects of every size, shape, scope, and complexity.

In addition to technical expertise, we understand complex regulatory and environmental requirements to ensure project goals are met on time and within budget.


McLaren’s mixed use engineering services are helping to redefine urban planning and build communities in Florida and nationwide. Moreover, we specialize in bringing residential, commercial, cultural, and entertainment uses into one space.

For example, we are the teams behind projects like Tioga Town Center in Gainesville and Banyan Cove in Deland.

Additionally, our experience and expertise encompass all aspects of the building life cycle with structural design, inspection and construction phase services.


We have helped create some of the best productions, events, concerts, displays, staging and entertainment facilities in Florida and worldwide. Working with the biggest names in the business, our iconic work has revolutionized the audience experience with never-before-seen feats of engineering.

Additionally, our theme park work is some of the best experienced. From concept and design, to continuous support through fabrication and installation, our multi-disciplinary team meticulously engineers theme parks to magnify the guest experience.

Our Orlando entertainment teams specializes in ride show engineering, theming engineering, show staging, facility engineering, technical design and mechanical engineering to create some of the world’s most iconic attractions from Orlando to Macau.


With the most advanced and reliable services available in-house, McLaren’s Florida marine engineering division is changing the landscape of the maritime industry. Comprised of over 45 engineers, designers, engineer divers, and scientists, our firm provides unrivaled services in complex waterfront inspection, design, rehabilitation, permitting, and construction management.

Our work ranges from large-scale projects, the design of complex berths and ship terminals, and the support of offshore wind development, to the rehabilitation of piers, bulkhead designs, and dive inspections led by Professional Engineers.

Additionally, our Florida coastal engineering and resiliency practice puts the focus on protecting communities and waterfront facilities through coastal flood risk management, coastal engineering, coastal restoration and mitigation, and waterfront redevelopment.

As such, our engineers understand the dynamics and interdependencies of the physical and ecological functions that are critical to the development of sustainable, resilient solutions, bringing the system back to balance while protecting critical assets and people. We understand the complex environment where land meets water and provide solutions for shoreline protection, waterfront re-development, coastal green infrastructure, flood risk management and dredged material management.

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