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Coastal Engineering, Permitting + Resiliency

Todd Manson, PE, ENV SP - Coastal Engineering Principal at McLaren Engineering Group
Manson, PE, ENV SP
Coastal Engineering Lead
Frega, CFM, ENV SP
Permitting + Regulatory Lead

Coastal Engineering, Permitting + Resiliency

McLaren’s coastal engineering and resiliency practice puts the focus on protecting communities and waterfront facilities. 

From coastal flood risk management, engineering, coastal restoration and mitigation, and waterfront redevelopment, our coastal engineers understand the dynamics and interdependencies of the physical and ecological functions critical to the development of sustainable, resilient solutions.

We strive to bring the system back to balance while protecting critical assets and people. As such, our coastal team specializes in the complex environment where land meets water and provide solutions for shoreline protection, waterfront re-development, coastal green infrastructure, flood risk management and dredged material management.

Our coastal engineering, permitting and resiliency experts provide innovative solutions for projects of every size and scope. 

Coastal Engineering, Permitting + Resiliency
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