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Steel Detailing

Steel Detailing

Wells, Ethan

Ethan Wells

Steel Detailing Lead

Working with fabricators, contractors, and erectors nationwide, our steel detailing team delivers clear and concise shop drawings illustrating member sizes and dimensions, material specifications, and all connective elements.

By combining our construction engineering expertise with our detailing capabilities our team offers a one-stop shop aimed at reducing coordination, eliminating headaches in the field, lowering project costs, and expediting project schedules.

Regardless of size or scope, our top priority is to ensure each project flows smoothly from start to finish. From the detailing of smaller steel elements like columns, trusses, and stairs, to larger structures like buildings, bridges, and stadiums, we provide a full line of construction solutions.

Erection Plans +

Every project needs a site-specific detailed erection plan to guide construction safely and accurately.

Our easy to understand, dimensioned plans include the needed drawings, diagrams, design calculations, procedure manuals, and other data that illustrates the proposed assembly of steel components as well as means and methods for their installation.

Steel Detailing Shop Drawings and Plans
430 East 58th Street, New York, NY - Braced Frame Connections

Steel Shop Drawings
+ Plans

By providing clear, concise, and accurate steel shop drawings and plans, our construction engineers aim to minimize costs and help clients meet deadlines throughout the build process.

Customized to meet the needs of the steel fabricator, our drawings and plans include fabrication drawings, anchor bolt plan and details, assembly and single part piece drawings, as well as detailed assembly drawings with material lists per ASTM (or other as required).

Connective 3-D

Staying on the cutting edge of technology, our steel detailers utilize top 2D and 3D software such as AutoCAD, Tekla, and BIM to best obtain accurate structural detailing, and miscellaneous steel drawings.

With advanced software, we can help build a collaborative project in a 3D model before producing detailed shop drawings to precisely work through detail, save time and eliminate rework.

3D modeling file production includes CNC, DXF, etc.


160 Water Street - New York, NY

Steel detailing and connection design for a high-rise renovation and new overbuild.

One Times Square - New York, NY

Delivered a fully connected model for the new interior steel for interior renovation work, and for the new overbuild steel at the existing structure.

Conviva Care Center - Daytona Beach, FL

Detailing of custom bar joist members to avoid delays due to manufacturer lead times.

Hackwood Villas - Winchester, VA

Connection design and detailing services for five different buildings as part of a retirement community.

Contemporary Women’s Health - Orlando, FL

Connection design and detailing for a new obstetrics and gynecology one-story office building comprised of exterior masonry walls and interior hollow structural steel (HSS) columns which support a series of roof joists framing E/W.

9 Orchard Street - New York, NY

EOR and complex steel detailing for the transformation of a Lower East Side landmark into an elegant hotel and culinary destination.

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