High-Resolution Aerial View

Drone Surveys + Aerial Mapping

Drone Surveys +
Aerial Mapping

Taylor Zimmerman Marine Engineer and Drone FAA Pilot

Taylor Zimmerman ​

Drone Services Lead

Drone surveys, also known as unmanned aerial system (UAS) surveys, provide clients with highly accurate, efficient, and cost-effective data collection solutions. Capable of reaching areas that may be challenging for ground-based inspectors and/or surveyors to access, our drone is equipped with a high-resolution camera to capture detailed aerial imagery to offer a holistic picture of the existing site conditions and challenges. Drone surveys enable clients and project teams to make more informed decisions throughout the design, planning, and construction phases, so projects can better stay on schedule and within budget while mitigating rework.

Drone Photogrammetry +
3D Modeling

Structure from Motion (SfM) photogrammetry is a technique that utilizes overlapping two-dimensional (2D) imagery to reconstruct a three-dimensional geographic area or structure. Using top of the line photogrammetry software, the aerial drone imagery is transformed into highly accurate 2D orthomosaics and 3D models, including point clouds and meshes. Point clouds are dense sets of data points each representing a specific location in space and can be georeferenced to a real-world coordinate system and vertical datum. This lends itself to repeatability, and allows the user to identify changes over time, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

From the point clouds, digital surface models (DSM) or digital terrain models (DTM) can be created, representing the surface features including vegetation, structures, and terrain. Topographic maps can also be generated where elevation contours and spot elevations are displayed throughout the survey area.

Processing drone survey data into interactive 3D digital twin models of a project site improves design decisions, site analysis, and stakeholder communication identifying potential issues or conflicts before they arise.

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