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Temporary Structures + Site Safety

Jon Skinner, PE Vice President - Construction Engineering
Jon Skinner, PE
Vice President - Construction Engineering

Keeping the public safe is the primary tenet of the engineering profession. Our construction division can provide a wide array of services to keep both the general public and site workers safe during the development of any project.

Temporary Structures + Site Safety
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Two Manhatten West - Construction Engineering

Two Manhattan West

Construction Safety Cocoon

660 Fifth - Commercial Tower Redevelopment Peer Review

660 Fifth - Commercial Tower Redevelopment

DMO Plans incorporated site safety notes and applicable sidewalk shielding schematics.
Inspection and review included the proposed temporary construction fence, sidewalk shed, gates, fixed scaffold, hanging scaffold, tower crane, derrick temporary weather walls, rigging plans, and fall protection.

3 Sutton Place Erection

3 Sutton Place

To ensure worker safety, our team also provided the Means and Methods for the 7th floor horizontal safety netting which utilized a custom double channel cantilever system from the base-building structure using a gantry/trolley method. This allowed the erection of the cantilevered safety netting support to occur completely from within the building profile itself.

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