Forensic Engineering Firm

Skilled in a diverse range of technical disciplines, McLaren’s forensic engineering experts are renowned for investigating, analyzing, reporting, and presenting evidence nationwide. Our firm has been at the center of some of the most well-known collapses, failures, accidents, disputes, and deficiencies.

Headed by CEO and founder Malcolm McLaren, PE, our forensic engineering division is focused on investigating the root cause of an incident, analyzing who or what is responsible, and identifying what can be done to mitigate reoccurrence.

In addition to our standard forensic investigation services, our firm offers full litigation support. Our services include detailed analyses using in-house high-tech capabilities, narrative report creation, demonstrative evidence support, and expert witness testimony.

Featured Forensic Engineering Experience

Litigation Support

McLaren’s technical expertise, cutting-edge capabilities, and trustworthy reputation has enabled us to provide unparalleled litigation support services. Our in-house expert engineers range in technical disciplines, allowing us to provide high-quality investigation, analysis, litigation support, reports, demonstrative evidence, and expert testimony. Using cutting-edge investigative capabilities and graphic modeling applications, McLaren finds the cause of an incident, analyzes who/what is responsible, and identifies what can be done to mitigate reoccurrence.

Structural Investigation

Conducting investigations to determine the cause and origin of structural collapses, failures, damages, and defects, our expert forensic engineers are experienced in all structure types. From residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial structures to bridges, railways, and infrastructure, we prepare clear, concise, cohesive, and accurate reports.

Geotechnical Investigation

Our geotechnical engineers specialize in analyzing the behavior of earthen materials and how they interact with man-made elements such as foundations, flatwork, and pipelines. Forensic geotechnical investigations involve the analysis of a claim through site condition observation, inspections, analysis, and testing. Geotechnical investigations serve to provide a scientific root-cause analysis to support litigation claims.

Geomatic Investigation

McLaren’s Geomatics team offers state-of-the-art technology that ranges from traditional land surveys to high tech 3D scanning (LiDAR), aerial drone surveys, geohazard surveys, hydrographic surveys, and multibeam mapping. Whether by land, water or air, our team can examine any failure, accident scene or collapse with the most advanced capabilities to find the cause of an incident.

Construction Investigation

From crane collapses to connection failures, site accidents to materials failure, our team can help determine the root cause of any construction accident. With a team of specialized construction engineers who understand the intricacies of large infrastructure projects to buildings and specialty structures, providing unsurpassed forensic support.

  • Crane Collapses
  • Construction Site Investigation
  • Connection Failures
  • Site Collapses
  • Code Compliance
  • Slip & Fall Inspections
  • Machinery Failure
  • Steel, Concrete & Timber Analysis
  • Reality Capture Surveys

Maritime Investigation

With a robust reputation in the maritime industry, McLaren’s distinctive forensic offerings include a team of PE divers, a fleet of inspection boats, and marine engineers that can provide responsive investigation services. With the latest equipment and inspection capabilities, we provide innovative analysis whether it be a maritime forensic consultation or complex litigation.

Civil Investigation

With a unique understanding of roads, sidewalks, underground utilities, foundations, and stormwater systems, our forensic engineers provide clients with top-notch civil analysis. From slip and falls to traffic accidents, McLaren can provide detailed narrative reports, code compliance analysis, easy to understand demonstrative exhibits, and export testimony.

From slip-and-falls to the nation’s most infamous cases, McLaren has successfully undertaken hundreds of forensic projects for lawyers, insurance companies, and government agencies. Our inspection teams included P.E. divers, rope access facade investigators, drone operators, and engineering experts skilled in nearly every discipline.

Litigation Forensic Case Studies

Explore some of our most noteworthy forensic investigation case studies.

I-40 Bridge Collapse Forensic Engineering

Collapse Forensic Engineering + Dive Inspection
Webbers Falls, OK

Causeway Collapse - Queen Isabella
Queen Isabella Causeway

Collision Collapse Investigation
Port Isabel To South Padre Island, TX

College Park Community Center - Orlando, Florida Engineering

Structural + Forensic Engineering
Orlando, FL

Forensic Engineering

Superstorm Sandy Damage
Brooklyn, NY

I-40 Bridge Collapse Forensic Engineering

Topographic Survey + Forensic Investigation
Silver Spring, MD

Slope Failure Impacting Senior Center at 95 Walsh
Retaining Wall Collapse

Emergency Response + Evaluation
Yonkers, NY

Lafayette Building – Parking Garage Repairs

Condition Assessment
Washington, D.C.

NJDOT Superstorm Sandy FEMA Debris Surveying and Engineering

Debris Surveying + Engineering

investigation + litigation support



Malcolm G. McLaren, PE, SECB


With over 40 years of engineering and inspection experience, Malcolm McLaren has been imperative in investigating some of the most prominent forensics cases nationwide. Responsible for over 15,000+ engineering projects of varying scopes and complexities, his proven expertise is widely respected.