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Jon Skinner, PE Vice President - Construction Engineering

Jon Skinner, PE

Vice President – Construction Engineering

From planning to permitting and placement, our industry leading construction engineering team offers full-service crane engineering support. With an expert operational understanding of cranes and a technical mastery of engineering, we can best provide our clients planning, inspection, installation design, site safety, pick plans, rigging support, and more. Additionally, we offer peer review for all types of crane and hoist drawings and calculations, as well as cocoon analysis. Our crane engineers specialize in:
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Hydraulic and Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes
  • Tower Cranes (Favco, Potain, Leibherr, and Wolfkran
  • Derricks (Stiff-leg and Guy)
McLaren has a reputation for innovative solutions, we help clients overcome constraints, stay on schedule, and work within budget for projects of every configuration, size, and complexity.

Crane Services

Crane Services



From development of crane plans to peer review and placement, we offer complete, code compliant plans that consider all aspects of the intended pick.

By carefully analyzing crane location, clearance issues, rigging designs, outrigger reactions, soil bearing capacities and crane mat design, the team provides crane plans for every step of a lift project.

A full-spectrum approach examines logistics, constructability, and means and methods to help expedite crane placements.



With a knowledge of codes and regulations, our team offers crane engineering inspection services to help ensure safety and mitigate construction site risks.

Onsite crane inspections include detailed analysis of site conditions, any modifications to base and existing structures, footings, foundations, and any support elements.



Our crane permitting team can help expedite quicker reviews and approvals to keep construction work on schedule.

We are well versed and experienced in plan requirements and permitting processes with most governing agencies (i.e. NYCDOB, NYSDOT, NYCDOT, NJDOT, MTA, MNR, AMTRAK, etc.).


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Out of the box thinking is what enables our crane engineering team to overcome even the challenging project constraints. Some of our approaches may seem unconventional, but each crane engineering project is scrutinized for the best means and methods.

One of our most iconic crane projects is the 2021 International TopLift winner, Tiffany & Co vertical expansion crane lift. Taking space, time, and budget into consideration, McLaren’s construction team turned to unconventional methods of crane engineering to figure out how to work within NYC’s tight building space constraints. The solution was as iconic as the retail brand itself: a crane would pick up another crane in order to deposit it atop the Tiffany & Co. building in the heart of Midtown.

During the pre-bid process, we worked with our client vetting geometry and capacity checks for the cranes and then a preliminary look into building reserve capacity. In the end, our solution to place the LTM 1130 crane on top of the roof by leveraging a 500-ton Liebherr LTM 1500 all-terrain crane, was the best solution.

A monumental crane lift to support Tiffany & Co.’s iconic flagship retail store renovation took place at the historic 1940 Art Moderne building on Fifth Avenue.

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