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Construction Logistics

Construction Logistics


Kyle Gilbert, PE

Construction Logistics Lead

McLaren can provide construction logistics and engineering support for a multitude of services to ensure projects are built in an efficient, safe, and stable manner across all phases.

As projects become more complex and challenging year after year, getting from point A to point Z  is no longer a trivial task – even on the smallest of projects. We provide:

Construction Logistics
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Large Entertainment Venue - The Hall at Live!

The Hall at Live!

Truss Erection Sequencing and Logistics

Construction Engineering and Erection of Spence School

Spence School

Construction Sequencing and Logistics

Hauser + Wirth

NYC Permitting
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660 Fifth - Commercial Tower Redevelopment Column Jacking

660 Fifth – Commercial Tower Redevelopment

Means and Method for Sequencing the Column Jacking and Removal

Metropolitan Opera House Modernization

Metropolitan Opera House Modernization

Logistics and Hoist System

3 Sutton Place Erection

3 Sutton Place

Erection Sequencing

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