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Hydrographic Survey + Mapping Lead

McLaren’s in-house hydrographic survey and mapping team is an integral first step for determining if a project in or near water is conceptually and physically feasible.

In addition to large offshore or near-shore construction projects, these hydrographic surveys can also be used as analysis for flood inundation, scour and stabilization, cable route mapping, water-quality studies, waterfront facility inspections, habitat mapping, dam removals, and environmental spills.


Hydrographic Survey + Mapping
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Offshore Wind Energy Northeast US

The planning, installation, and assessment of subsea offshore wind energy cables presents various planning and procedural challenges that can be solved with in-depth integrated hydrographic, geophysical, and geotechnical data. 

Marine Survey and Mapping

What is a Bathymetric Survey?

A bathymetric survey, sometimes referred to as a fathometric survey, is a type of hydrographic (water-based) survey that maps the depths and shapes of underwater terrain to illustrate the land that lies below.

Survey + Mapping the Erie Canal System With Xometry Parts
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Mapping the Erie Canal System With Xometry CNC Machined Parts, Sonar, and a Jon Boat

New York State
Discover how McLaren Engineering Group used Xometry’s CNC machining service to create adjustable brackets for a multi-beam sonar system surveying New York’s waterways.…

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Enhancing Urban Waterfront Inspections With Remote Sensing Equipment - McLaren Engineering Group

Enhancing Urban Waterfront Inspections With Remote Sensing Equipment

New York, NY
Advancements in Data Collection for Accurate Design Enhancing Urban Waterfront Inspections with Remote Sensing Equipment Taylor Zimmerman, EIT, Sean Dirscherl, PE, and Jed Tango combined…

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1888 Studios Site Development Retaining Wall

1888 Studios - NJ Waterfront Development

Bayonne, NJ
The film industry is making its way back to its birthplace! An influx of studios and soundstages are currently in development across New Jersey, positioning…

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Offshore Wind Energy - Operations and Maintenance Facility

Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Facilities

As a national leader in clean energy policy, New York is a prime hub in bringing offshore wind energy to the United States. Setting a…

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Reality Capture Models

Marine Reality Capture Models

Point Clouds + 3D Marine Reality Capture Models What do you get when you combine multibeam bathymetry, LiDAR scans, aerial drone photogrammetry, and accurate GPS control…

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Newark Processing Plant on Waterfront Rendering by McLaren Engineering Group

Stavola Companies Multimodal Processing Plant

Newark, NJ
Development of Multimodal Asphalt + Concrete Processing Plant Stavola Companies redeveloped a former chemical plant located along the Passaic River waterfront, 330 Doremus Avenue in the City…

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Survey + Mapping

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