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Survey + Mapping

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Hydrographic Survey + Mapping Lead

McLaren’s in-house hydrographic survey and mapping team is an integral first step for determining if a project in or near water is conceptually and physically feasible.

In addition to large offshore or near-shore construction projects, these hydrographic surveys can also be used as analysis for flood inundation, scour and stabilization, cable route mapping, water-quality studies, waterfront facility inspections, habitat mapping, dam removals, and environmental spills.


Hydrographic Survey + Mapping
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Offshore Wind Energy Northeast US

The planning, installation, and assessment of subsea offshore wind energy cables presents various planning and procedural challenges that can be solved with in-depth integrated hydrographic, geophysical, and geotechnical data. 

Marine Survey and Mapping

What is a Bathymetric Survey?

A bathymetric survey, sometimes referred to as a fathometric survey, is a type of hydrographic (water-based) survey that maps the depths and shapes of underwater terrain to illustrate the land that lies below.

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Survey + Mapping

From off shore to onshore our team can best catch conflicts before they occur and help reduce rework to help keep any project on-time and within budget.