Emergency Structural Repair

McLaren Engineering Group provided emergency structural repair services in response to a construction accident that inadvertently damaged a building column at a busy manufacturing warehouse.

Quick Response

While the manufacturing facility was undergoing interior renovations, a concrete truck unintentionally drove into an interior steel building column. An emergency request call was placed to McLaren and the response team was en route to the project site within two hours.

Emergency Inspection

Upon arrival, an immediate evaluation of the current condition and a preliminary load take down was performed to determine the load in the column. Working with the construction contractor, our team quickly assessed the stability and safety of an existing structure, making provisions to prevent any further collapse and strategically deciding upon needed repairs.

Stability Structural Repair

Emergency Structural Repair It was determined shoring towers were needed to support the emergency structural repair. The team set out to quickly acquire the correct type for the space. Within hours, the towers were on a truck, ready for pick up.

The preliminary setting locations of the towers were carefully positioned to avoid any existing electrical raceway and member bracing. Once in place, McLaren performed two additional site visits.

During the first follow up visit, our structural engineers measured existing members and determined a shoring and jacking procedure to relocate the existing beam to its original elevation. The steel erector and fabricator used this procedure to replace the column without issue.

The next visit was conducted to verify the new column and existing framing were installed as designed. Upon final assessment, McLaren issued a letter confirming the structure had been rehabilitated to its original condition.