Specialty Structural Engineering

Miscellaneous Metals + Delegated Design

Miscellaneous Metals + Delegated Design

Zach Miscellaneous Metals and Delegated Design Lead

Zachary Miller

Miscellaneous Metals Lead

We provide Specialty Structural Engineering Services (SSE) for a wide array of standalone miscellaneous metals and delegated design items.

With constant pressures on construction costs, schedules, and fees, Structural Engineers of Records (SEoR) are required to do more with less and look for ways to shed design scope. This has resulted in moving away from the more typical and straightforward design-bid-build environment of the past. As such, bringing on an SSE in the early stages of the project has never been more critical in project success.

Today, SEoR’s are delegating more design items than ever before. This includes secondary structural elements (stairs, guardrail, davits, elevator rails, cladding, etc.) as well as primary structural elements (steel joists, metal deck, precast concrete, etc.). Unfortunately, this places a large burden on the miscellaneous fabricator which may not be transparent on the construction documents. 

McLaren’s construction engineering division has developed a sound reputation for producing quality, knowledgeable, and efficient end product in the design of delegated design items.

Miscellaneous Metals + Delegated Design
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