All Elite Wrestling LED Wall Bracing

The drama-packed world of TV wrestling exudes excitement through impressive set designs, lighting, and staging. Dynamic LED walls are a crucial part of creating the perfect fan experience throughout the event. McLaren Engineering Group’s Florida entertainment engineering team got in on the action providing LED wall bracing for wrestling’s hottest new show.

Drawing audiences with action-packed storylines and a roster of talented wrestlers, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Dynamite has created a new entertainment experience for fans. The television program debuted on TNT as an electric jolt to mainstream wrestling in October of 2019 with a packed arena and over 1.4 million viewers at home. Shortly after, pandemic restrictions on live events forced Dynamite to run months of empty arena shows. However, in August of 2020 live audience shows resumed as the entertainment moved outdoors, safely filling seats with non-competing wrestlers and crew members.

Daily’s Place amphitheater in Downtown Jacksonville, Florida, transformed its stage into AEW Dynamite’s new outdoor wrestling ring space, backdropped by a massive 43-foot by 24-foot LED wall. With a screen of this size outdoors, the LED wall response to wind gusts was a concern. McLaren provided a structural engineering analysis and designed backside LED wall bracing for the 6 tile-high and 22 tile-wide LED structure, ensuring its stability.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

The team conducted the structural analysis and designed the LED wall bracing in accordance with the 2020 Florida Building Code and provided recommendations on backside LED wall bracing type, connections, and locations. Understanding the LED wall needed to be stabilized for wind gusts parallel to the face of the LED wall in order to create a flawless immersive display, wind pressures corresponding to a 50-mph wind rating were taken into consideration. McLaren provided a backside LED wall bracing design to stiffen the structure in-plane, mitigating concerns of wind-induced flutter.