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Quick to mobilize and unwavering in our ability to provide full-service solutions and accurate data, McLaren’s survey and scanning team is at the forefront of the industry.

Whether by land, water or air, our team can best catch conflicts before they occur and help reduce rework to help keep any project on-time and within budget.

With the use of our high-tech capabilities and in-house resources, we provide turn-key services for both private and public clients across 10 markets from traditional surveys to cutting edge scans and mapping.

Our team of experts provide state-of-the-art data collection, top project management and detailed deliverables for projects of any size and scope.


Hydrographic Survey + Mapping

McLaren’s in-house hydrographic survey and mapping team is an integral first step for determining if a project in or near water is conceptually and physically feasible. In addition to large offshore or near-shore construction projects, these surveys can also be used as analysis for flood inundation, scour and stabilization, water-quality studies, waterfront facility inspections, habitat mapping, dam removals and environmental spills.

Boundary + Topographic Surveys

Our surveyors perform extensive records research, and field locations to assist in the making of property boundary line determinations and boundary surveys. For Topographic Surveys our surveyors locate all surface land features using the latest technologies and methodologies to accurately depict physical topographies and elevations. We provide a range of services from traditional stakeouts and 2D map drawings to LiDAR scanning, and 3D mapping to show all natural and man-made elements including location, size, height, and any changes in elevation.

Construction + Building Surveys

McLaren’s construction services help interpret construction plans, mark locations of proposed new structures such as roads or buildings, and provide detailed data throughout construction phases. We deliver the right data to help ensure a project is built according to engineering design plans and completed on schedule, in budget, and as intended.

  • Construction Site Layout
  • Foundation Location
  • Final As-Build Survey
  • Flood Plain Mapping
  • LiDAR Building Scans

Geophysical Surveys

Providing innovative solutions to geotechnical and environmental problems, our team provides geophysical surveys to aid in subsurface characterization of geologic conditions and potential hazards. Ranging from work in the energy sector to real estate development, we provide detailed deliverables to aid in new construction, site investigation, and remediation efforts.

  • Marine Cable Route Surveys (CRS)
  • Archeological Surveys
  • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Surveys
  • Sediment Transportation & 4D Surveys
  • Vessel Dimensional Control Surveys
  • Side Scan Sonar, Magnetometer & Sub-Bottom

Reality Capture

From new construction to historical preservation and site development to environmental remediation, LiDAR 3D scans surveys can provide detailed measurements and survey hard-to-reach areas. Able to integrate into Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, these scans can increase productivity in building design and construction.

  • Static Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)
  • Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS), Terrestrial & Waterborne
  • Handheld Mobile Laser Scanning
  • Geohazard Surveys
  • 3D Topographic Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Piping & Ductwork Retrofits
  • Facade Laser Scanning for Historic Restoration
  • Freeway / Highway Design Surveys
  • Bridge / Tunnel Design Surveys
  • Forensic Surveys

Aerial Mapping + Drone Surveys

Surveying with a drone offers enormous potential to AEC professionals. Drones offer a bird’s eye view and can offer access to constrained areas, making it possible to carry out quality and quantity surveys accurately and quickly. Using state-of-the-art remote sensing technology, we transform spatial data into practical knowledge that supports essential operations.

  • Facade & Inspection Surveys
  • Stockpile Surveys & Quantities

Survey Control

Quality survey control underpins all our surveys. Project specific control plans are implemented to ensure the reference frame for every project is rock solid. McLaren employs the latest GNSS receivers, Robotic Total Stations, and Digital Levels to make precise observations and post processing of all data to establish the survey control on our projects.

  • Latest Multi Constellation GNSS Receivers
  • 1” Robotic Total Stations
  • 1st Order Digital Levels & Invar Staffs
  • Robust Control Point Documentation


Hydrographic Survey + Mapping

Boundary + Topographic Surveys

Construction + Building Surveys

Geophysical Surveys

Reality Capture

Aerial Mapping + Drone Surveys

Survey Control

Team Contact

Samuel Zook, PLS
Geomatics Principal

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