Maryland Sound International Steel Framing Bridge Repair

McLaren Engineering Group provided an emergency inspection and repair details for a bridge connecting Maryland Sound International’s property to Wetheredsville Road in Baltimore County, MD. The purpose of the investigation was to determine what was required to allow the bridge to support standard vehicular traffic up to an AASHTO HS-20 (40,000-pound gross vehicle weight) truck loading. In the second phase of the project, McLaren designed supplemental steel framing to support a new bridge that could support AASHTO HS-25 (90,000-pound gross vehicle weight) truck loading. The new bridge was also longer than the existing bridge, and the steel framing was detailed to allow for this installation. McLaren:

  • Reviewed bridge condition report prepared by others.
  • Conducted initial site visit to assess level of deterioration and the remedial repairs required to enable the bridge to carry standard vehicular traffic up to a HS-20 truck loading.
  • Prepared a letter report including recommendations for typical remedial repairs.
  • Provided location/topographic survey.
  • Designed supplemental steel framing for the new bridge to support heavier loads (HS-25) and span greater length.
Baltimore, MD
Year Completed
Maryland Sound International