Spiral Staircase at Tampa EDITION Hotel

The sleek curves of a feature spiral staircase effortlessly unwind to the lobby of the Tampa EDITION five-star boutique hotel. The 26-foot high, load-bearing spiral stairs appear to hang in place, adding to the lux aesthetic of the overall lobby.

Working with the fabricator, McLaren’s Florida construction team provided structural analysis and redline drawings for the unique heavy steel framed architectural feature. Outlined with solid guardrails, lighting is projected between specially designed gaps where the stair treads and plate guardrails attach to the steel spine members below.

Using a top-down installation approach, the stairs were installed in three massive sections. The first section was mounted to the 2nd floor with the support of McLaren using rigging and a temporary steel support frame. The second section was attached to the end of the first section and supported at the opposite end by the temporary steel support frame. When the bottom section was attached to the end of the second section and at the slab level below, the The Tampa EDITION spiral staircase was stabilized and the temporary steel support frame was removed.

Tampa, FL
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Mid-State Metals, LLC

Images 1-2: Mid-State Metals, LLC; Image 5: Mid-State Metals LLC