Cirque du Soleil La Nouba

McLaren Engineering Group adapted Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba Bamboo Aerial Act in Orlando, Florida for use in a stunning outdoor performance on the streets of downtown Orlando in mid-2016. McLaren provided the initial structural review of the act’s equipment, rigging and supporting structure—and the follow-up review for the crane, forklift and rigging components—to ensure the safety of the high-flying performers and street crowds.

La Nouba Unique Performance

McLaren’s skilled team of entertainment engineers made a difference by determining the dynamic forces on the act’s show components and rigging—made more complex by the performer’s acrobatics—to engineer a project that was safe and entertaining. A crane was used to suspend the act, and loft blocks attached to the crane’s boom suspended the rigging. Each performer’s apparatus was hung from steel cables with a winch attached to a ground-level forklift, acting as an anchorage point. The winch raised and lowered the acrobat’s prop for the performance.