A Holistic, Multimodal Approach

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering

Tim Noordewier

Tim Noordewier, PE, PTOE

Traffic Specialist / Project Manager

Providing a holistic multimodal approach to traffic engineering, our transportation solutions help clients orchestrate safe and efficient movement of people and goods across a diverse range of public and private property settings. 

McLaren’s traffic engineering services include investigation of high-crash locations and development of countermeasures for mitigation, design of traffic control device installations and modifications, as well as short-term and long-term travel forecasting and traffic impact studies that assess potential impacts of proposed commercial/residential developments on traffic patterns.

Our “can do” problem-solving approach combines innovative concepts that consider all roadway users with practical analysis techniques that utilize advanced technology to increase overall accessibility and achieve desirable outcomes even in constrained situations.


Traffic Solutions


Traffic Studies + Analysis

Our detailed traffic studies analyze deficiencies and remedial improvements by evaluating both the operational and physical nature of the transportation system. We help clients determine how to best accommodate current or projected traffic volumes, including multimodal components, while enhancing safety and performance.

In-depth analysis provides holistic recommendations for better overall traffic management including traffic control options, volume and speed studies, site planning, and work zone traffic control.


Traffic Related Design

Traffic related design employs traffic engineering expertise to improve multimodal operations and safety through the effective use of traffic control devices and design geometrics.

Our traffic engineers provide a complete range of traffic design solutions for projects of every size including roadways, bridges, sidewalks, and traffic controls systems. The specialized team includes qualified expert traffic engineers who provide a unique multidimensional approach to provide the best solutions for our clients and stakeholders.



Our permitting experts can help efficiently navigate and expedite the regulatory process. From highway and road permitting for access to Right of Way (ROW)/Utility permits and more, our traffic engineers also ensure code compliance as to access requirements for design plans.

Traffic Engineering
News + Projects
DDI Maryland

MD-295 Diverging Diamond Interchange

First of its kind in Maryland

NJDOT Traffic Signal Plan

Microstation Drawing

I-95 Roadway Signage Replacement

I-95 Roadway Signage Replacement

Electrical and traffic barrier Plans + MOT/traffic control details


Maintenance and Protection of Traffic

NYSDOT Bundled Bridges Design-Build

NYSDOT Bundled Bridges Design-Build

Reduced traffic impacts to the region during construction

Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia

Coordination of utility relocation, new utility connections phased to keep traffic moving

FedEx Ground Warehouse Design - Build

FedEx Ground Warehouse Design-Build

Traffic signal and left-turn lane plan

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Traffic-Related Services

Our traffic engineering team plays an integral role within many of McLaren’s multidisciplinary solutions. Having experts in related disciplines provides integrated, cost-effective solutions that meet mobility demands while minimizing impacts. Explore our expert solutions for projects of every size, shape, scope, and complexity.