Entertainment Division

As the entertainment industry evolves, our Entertainment Division follows suit in taking the ideas and concepts of our clients and making them a reality. This process challenges our engineers and designers to push technical limits without compromising aesthetics. We are responsible for incorporating clients' ideas, while maintaining the functionality, structural soundness and durability of the mechnical components - including electrical, control system, and safety requirements.

With an effective, assembly-line approach to entertainment projects, we are able to mix metal, machine, and engineering expertise to create complex, mechanized stages and show-action effects. Design of such systems require a combination of practical experience and advanced modeling capabilities. But above all, it requires the ability to capture a mental picture and carefully, elegantly, apply theory and mathematics.

In short, our Entertainment Engineering team features experts in the design of structures and mechanical systems for performance venues, entertainment productions, and much more. Whatever the notion, we will select the materials, develop the specifications, and establish the construction method needed to make it work.

    Entertainment Services

  • Primary

    Concept Development
    Architectural Themeing
    Mechanized Effects & Show-Action Equipment Design
    Entertainment Facilities (Theaters) & Production Design
    Permanent, Temporary & Touring Stages/Set Design
    Rigging System Design
    Theme Park Attractions & Device Design
    Static and Dynamic Analysis
    Range of Motion Studies
    Scenic Element Design
    Moving Platform Design
    Winch Design
    Field Investigations & Inspections
    Sculptures & Signage Design
    Hydraulic Lift Design
    Tracking Video Wall Design
    Ride/Show Engineering
    Kinematic Studies
    Television and Film Production Studios/Set Design
    Development of Technical, Bid and Performance Specifications

  • Specialized

    Computerized Pre-visualization
    Fabrication and Installation Inspection
    Finite Element & Matrix Structural Analysis
    Custom Machinery Design
    Tensile Structure Design
    O & M Manual Preparation