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McLaren’s California engineering team provides custom full-service engineering solutions throughout the West Coast. Our team of entertainment engineers, professional engineers, P.E. divers and surveyors provide a trusted, innovative approach to private and public projects of nearly every size, shape and scope. With a diverse portfolio, high-quality services and state-of-the-art capabilities, McLaren is a trusted building industry leader.

Services + Solutions

We offer comprehensive engineering services and solutions throughout California that take any project from concept to completion with expert consultation, design, construction support, inspection and project management. Our core technical divisions include:

Structural Engineering
Site + Civil
Marine + Coastal
Construction Engineering
Bridge, Highway + Rail
Entertainment Engineering
Facade + Envelope
Geotechnical Engineering
Forensic Investigation
Survey + Mapping
All Services


To help protect public health and the environment, the state initiated MOTEMS (Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards) establishing minimum engineering, inspection, and maintenance criteria. Each California marine operator is required to complete periodic above and underwater inspections of their marine oil terminal to assess the facility’s fitness-for-purpose.

MOTEMS underwater inspections must be led by a California PE-Diver who is required to dive a minimum of 25% of the structure. McLaren’s California marine engineering group has been deploying underwater MOTEMS audit teams to support above and underwater audits throughout the state. These audit teams are comprised of PE and engineer divers from our specialty inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation team.

The MOTEMS audit manual provides a structured template for methodically documenting a marine oil terminal’s characteristics and assessing compliance during MOTEMS audits.


At the center of TV and Film productions, our entertainment engineers has been providing specialty services across the West Coast.

Additionally, we have also provided mechanical and structural engineering services for countless big name movies and television productions including on-site engineering support, equipment design, rigging design, special effects engineering, and studio fit-out design.


From our office located in the central coast of California, McLaren offers full-service engineering along the West Coast.

Renowned for its trusted, high-quality approach, our award-winning firm solves complex engineering challenges with creative, custom solutions.

Bathymetric Survey + California Engineering

What is Bathymetry? A bathymetric survey is a type of hydrographic (water-based) survey that maps the depths and shapes of underwater terrain. It is used to illustrate the land that lies below.

As a result, bathymetric surveyors work to obtain an exact representative image of the seabed and identify specific elevations, anomalies, and the presence of any scour around submerged structures. Additionally, they analyze and define the surrounding shorelines, tides, currents, and waves to create a model of overall features.