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McLaren is a top Philadelphia engineering firm that provides custom full-service building solutions. Our team of professional engineers, P.E. Divers and surveyors provide a trusted, innovative approach to private and public projects of nearly every size, shape and scope worldwide.

We offer comprehensive engineering services and solutions that take any project from concept to completion with expert consultation, design, construction support, inspection and project management. Our core technical divisions include:

Structural Engineering
Site + Civil
Marine + Coastal
Construction Engineering
Bridge, Highway + Rail
Entertainment Engineering
Facade + Envelope
Geotechnical Engineering
Forensic Investigation
Survey + Mapping
All Services


Conversion and repurposing of existing buildings can help meet everchanging market demands with a more sustainable and cost effective option.

As such, McLaren’s Philadelphia engineering team of specialists provide innovative solutions to even the most challenging adaptive-reuse properties. With an extensive structural portfolio along with an understanding of historic preservation needs and building codes, we have helped engineer some of the most iconic and complex adaptive re-use projects in Philadelphia and beyond.

We  provide a full range of services for adaptive re-use projects from structural engineering to restoration, surveying and forensics. We work closely with our clients to explore economical, innovative and sustainable solutions to extend the useful life of existing facilities.

For example, we are the teams behind projects like Eddystone Warehouse and work on South Wetlands Park to name a few.


Early signs of deterioration are not always obvious to the untrained eye. As such, detailed visual, hands-on, and sometimes probe inspections by expert structural engineers are imperative.

Our robust Philadelphia structural inspection and investigation engineering services can identify deterioration to determine the structural well-being of a building and its individual components. Additionally, we perform root cause analysis and help provide short and long-term remediation, rehabilitation, and repair support.


McLaren’s mixed use engineering services are helping to redefine urban planning and build communities in Philadelphia and nationwide. Moreover, we specialize in bringing residential, commercial, cultural, and entertainment uses into one space.

Additionally, our experience and expertise encompass all aspects of the building life cycle with structural design, inspection and construction phase services.


McLaren’s Construction Engineering team offers full-service custom solutions including crane engineering, permitting, rigging solutions, designs of temporary supports, bracing, and construction sequencing for both new and renovation projects. We also offer the conventional design of steel structures and connections in addition to providing Specialty Structural Engineering Services (SSE) for delegated design elements.

From large infrastructure projects to buildings and specialty structures, our firm can determine the most optimal and cost-effective engineering solutions by assisting with means and methods of construction, planning, logistics, and project management for building projects across the country. This ensures jobs stay on time and within budget while providing the best solutions from the ground up.


Connections between structural members are a critical part of any steel structure. As such, their proper treatment is an essential component of safety and cost.  Our construction engineering division has intuitive knowledge of how a system will transmit loads, loads paths, and a deep understanding of structural mechanics to provide both safe and economical designs.

Steel connection design for structural steel projects includes standard shear connections, non-standards connections, moment connections, bracing, trusses, high seismic, and custom specialty conditions.  McLaren’s unparalleled experience is the foundation for developing and delivering the most economical, safe, and structurally efficient connections.

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