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McLaren is a top Maryland engineering firm providing custom, full-service building solutions that can take projects of any size, shape and scope from concept to completion.

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Dave McLaren - Vice President Structures

Dave McLaren, PE

Renowned for our high quality services and innovative solutions, McLaren offers expert consultation, engineering, design, construction support, inspection, project management, and more.

We offer comprehensive engineering services and solutions throughout Maryland that take any project from concept to completion with expert consultation, design, construction support, inspection and project management.

Full-Service Solutions

Structural Engineering

New Construction, Building Additions, Renovations, Inspections, Sustainability, Specialty Services...

Site + Civil Engineering

Land Development, Public Infrastructure, Water Resource Management, Traffic Engineering, Sustainability….

Marine + Coastal

Structural Design, Geotechnical, Inspection, Rehabilitation, Permitting, Resiliency...

Construction Engineering

Crane Engineering, Rigging, Heavy Lifts, Steel Connection, Shoring, Logistics, Site Safety…

Bridge, Highway + Rail

Design, Design-Build, Bridge Construction, Inspections, Rehabilitation, Maintenance, Culverts, Dam Structures…

Entertainment Engineering

Live Events, Venues, Rigging, Staging, Show Action Machinery, Rides, Theming, Signage…

Facade + Envelope

Consulting, Design, Glass, Glazing, Metal Panels, Inspection, Remediation…

Geotechnical Engineering

Soil Testing, Borings, Analysis, Foundation Engineering, Earthwork Design…

Forensic Investigation

Litigation Support, Investigations, Expert Testimony, Demonstratives...

Survey + Mapping

Hydrographic, Topographic, Construction, Geophysical, Reality Capture, Scanning, Survey Control…

All Services + Solutions

View all the services and innovative solutions which make McLaren a leading New Jersey engineering firm…

Maryland Engineering

McLaren’s Maryland engineering team provides custom full-service building solutions throughout the State. We work across 10 distinct markets to shape Maryland’s unique building environment for both private and public clients. From preserving historic cities to improving infrastructure, bridge and roadway work to PE dive inspections, industrial builds and everything in between, our regional experts are building a better future.

Specialty Market

Adaptive Reuse +
Historic Preservation

Conversion and repurposing of existing buildings can help meet everchanging market demands with a more sustainable and cost effective option.

As such, McLaren’s Maryland engineering team of specialists provide innovative solutions to even the most challenging adaptive-reuse properties. With an extensive structural portfolio along with an understanding of historic preservation needs and building codes, we have helped engineer some of the most iconic and complex adaptive re-use projects in Baltimore and beyond.

We  provide a full range of services for adaptive re-use projects from structural engineering to restoration, surveying and forensics. We work closely with our clients to explore economical, innovative and sustainable solutions to extend the useful life of existing facilities.


Marine +
PE Divers

With the most advanced and reliable services available in-house, McLaren’s Marylandmarine engineering division is changing the landscape of the maritime industry. Comprised of over 45 engineers, designers, engineer divers, and scientists, our firm provides unrivaled services in complex waterfront inspection, dredging support, design, rehabilitation, permitting, and construction management.

Additionally, our Baltimore coastal engineering and resiliency practice puts the focus on protecting communities and waterfront facilities through coastal flood risk management, coastal engineering, coastal restoration and mitigation, and waterfront redevelopment.

To test the stability and resiliency of a large-scale project, McLaren’s Marine team engineered a 15-foot by 20-foot award-winning small-scale prototype that is currently exceeding expectations.


Living Shorelines +
Coastal Resiliency

With over 7,000 miles of shoreline along the Chesapeake Bay, the Potomac River, and the Atlantic Ocean, Maryland is highly vulnerable to hurricanes and sea level rise. Our Baltimore Marine and Coastal Engineering team puts focus on resiliency.

To combat shoreline erosion caused partly by sea level rise and strong storms and mitigate flooding, Maryland puts a focus on living shorelines. Instead of hard structures, this technique uses native vegetation and other natural materials to stabilize coastlines.

Rip-Rap, Baltimore

Slope Stabilization after installation of imbricated rip-rap.


Structural Engineering

With a wide range of services spanning from concept to completion, McLaren’s structural engineering group is built on a foundation of technical excellence, cutting-edge capabilities, pragmatic solutions, and a sensitivity for aesthetics.

Offering multidisciplinary consulting, analysis, design, project management, and construction phase support, our expert building engineers enable clients to best meet all project goals while building more efficiently and cost-effectively. With a full range of services for new construction projects to additions, renovations, and historic preservation and everything in between, out team can take you from concept to completion.

Specialty Market

Industrial +

The construction of industrial and commercial structures brings a unique set of ever-changing challenges that require innovative solutions. Our depth of experience encompass all aspects of structural, site/civil, geotechnical, marine and construction engineering for turn key services from start to finish.

McLaren has a diverse portfolio of industrial and commercial projects of varying sizes, shapes, and complexities including retail fit-outs, new-construction of low-rise plazas, warehouses, storage facilities, data centers, corporate office buildings, and more.

Gantry Crane Peer Review at Steel Mill

Our construction engineers reviewed the drawings and calculations for the pick and confirming the capacities of rigging, gantry header beams, gantry jacks, gantry tracks and support beams.


Structural Inspections +

Early signs of deterioration are not always obvious to the untrained eye. As such, detailed visual, hands-on, and sometimes probe inspections by expert structural engineers are imperative.

Our robust Maryland structural inspection and investigation services can identify deterioration to determine the structural well-being of a building and its individual components. Additionally, we perform root cause analysis and help provide short and long-term remediation, rehabilitation, and repair support.


Top Entertainment

We have helped create some of the best productions, events, concerts, displays, staging and entertainment facilities in Maryland and worldwide. Working with the biggest names in the business, our iconic work has revolutionized the audience experience with never-before-seen feats of engineering.

Additionally, we have also provided mechanical and structural engineering services for countless big name movies and television productions including on-site engineering support, equipment design, rigging design, special effects engineering, and studio fit-out design.


Civil Engineering

Civil engineering plays an integral role in bringing public and private developments to life. From pre-development and due diligence studies to remediation and construction phase, our firm delivers innovative land solutions throughout the entitlement and building process.

Our civil and geotechnical engineers, environmental professionals, and permitting specialists work to develop site plans, land use designs, engineering support, and inspection services for projects of every size, shape, scope, and complexity. In addition to technical expertise, we understand complex regulatory and environmental requirements to ensure project goals are met on time and within budget.


Baltimore Urban Park +
Green Space Engineering

Baltimore’s push to reimagine the urban core through green space initiatives is increasing access between city neighborhoods and expanding public access to local public parks. Innovative and sustainable efforts to develop green urban corridors aim to protect and enhance the unique ecological resources, support economic growth and sustainable redevelopment of vacant land, and improve the quality of life of our residents.

From floating wetlands in the Inner Harbor to share used paths in Frederick, as well as playgrounds, comfort stations, and pedestrian bridges, our engineers are helping transform Baltimore.


National Aquarium Dolphin Discovery Inspections
Arts, Entertainment + Exhibits

National Aquarium Dolphin Discovery Inspections

Dolphin Discovery, the National Aquarium’s largest exhibit and home to six Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, undergoes above and underwater condition assessments to ensure a

McLaren Day 2022

McLaren Day 2022

We brought together the entire team from across the country for an “egg”citing day, to our New Jersey Office. The goal was to reconnect, recognize our strengths as individuals, and use them to build a better team by learning important ‘non-technical’ skills.

National Aquarium Solar Tree

National Aquarium Solar Tree

The National Aquarium has set out on a bold mission to go net-zero-neutral on greenhouse gas emissions by 2035, and the McLaren Maryland team is

The Paramount Baltimore Rendering
Arts, Entertainment + Exhibits

The Paramount Baltimore

Construction is now underway at The Paramount Baltimore! McLaren’s Baltimore team is providing structural engineering design for Charm City’s new 70,000 sq. ft., 3,400-seat entertainment venue just south of Raven’s Stadium.

The Pennant formally Elms Fells Point - Waterfront Community Adaptive Reuse
Real Estate Development

Elms Fells Point – Waterfront Community

The former Wolfe Street warehouse in Baltimore, Maryland’s historic Fell’s Point neighborhood is being transformed into The Pennant – a new multifamily, waterfront community.

Community Facilities

Hampden Branch Library Renovation

Erected in 1899, the Hampden Branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Maryland underwent modern renovations both inside and out, while


Renowned for a trusted, high-quality approach, our award-winning firm solves complex engineering challenges with creative, custom solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.


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