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American Dream
The Avenue Opens

The East Coast’s largest mixed retail, entertainment, and dining attraction, American Dream, in East Rutherford, New Jersey, officially opened its luxury wing, dubbed “The Avenue”, September 17, 2021.

McLaren teams helped engineer various parts of the multi-billion-dollar, 11-building complex, that spans more than 3 million square feet and holds 450+ stores, 100+ restaurants and 18 acres of entertainment space.

Saint Laurent

For the retail portion, our engineers performed calculations for 1,460 square feet of custom storefront glass in addition to stone cladding support for a stunning marble facade at the Saint Laurent store located in The Avenue.

Work on some of the mall’s amusement venues included structural engineering of ClimbZone’s indoor climbing play place and construction engineering for DreamWorks’s Waterpark and connector building which included erection sequencing, staged construction stability analysis, and design of temporary bracing.

Design of beveled mirrored glass soffits, in addition to support for hanging glass ceilings and entrance glass was provided for American Dream’s interior space. Outside, a monopole structure was upgraded from the existing static display to LED signage.

Positioned adjacent to MetLife Stadium and just outside of Manhattan, American Dream contains multiple levels of retail and leisure space in addition to unique family-friendly attractions like an indoor ski park, aquarium, and indoor theme parks. The massive project, more than 20 years in the making, reportedly utilized 26,000 tons of structural steel, 120,000 cubic yards of concrete, 105 miles of piles, and 367 miles of conduit in its undertaking.

Opening of The Avenue will expand the mall’s high-end corridor where visitors can experience gourmet dining options, champagne bar, art galleries, and luxury retail shopping. Opening of the wing was timed to coincide with 2021 New York Fashion Week. The annual event will be honored with American fashion exhibits throughout The Avenue.