AOL Fashion Show Staging

McLaren Engineering Group teamed up with FIRST Global Events Agency, Worldstage, BNW Rigging and Boyd Design to stage an outdoor concert event on East 4th Street in New York City to promote the release of DJ Steve Aoki’s new album and present his clothing line.

The Stage

McLaren’s entertainment engineers first performed a structural engineering evaluation of the truss and staging structures for the AOL Fashion Show. The truss was designed to support lights, speakers and a video wall – while the stage provided space for a ground-supported LED screen, a DJ booth and a riser for media.

McLaren utilized the NYC Building Code and ANSI E1.21-2013 “Entertainment Technology – Temporary Structures used for Technical Production of Outdoor Entertainment Events” – to determine applicable wind and environmental loads for the event, as well as develop a high-wind action plan to protect concert goers.