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McLaren is a top Albany engineering firm that provides custom full-service building solutions in the Capital District, throughout Upstate New York, and nationwide.

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Renowned for our high quality services and innovative solutions, McLaren offers expert consultation, engineering, design, construction support, inspection, project management, and more.

We offer comprehensive engineering services and solutions throughout New York that take any project from concept to completion with expert consultation, design, construction support, inspection and project management.

Full-Service Solutions

Structural Engineering

New Construction, Building Additions, Renovations, Inspections, Sustainability, Specialty Services...

Site + Civil Engineering

Land Development, Public Infrastructure, Water Resource Management, Traffic Engineering, Sustainability….

Marine + Coastal

Structural Design, Geotechnical, Inspection, Rehabilitation, Permitting, Resiliency...

Construction Engineering

Crane Engineering, Rigging, Heavy Lifts, Steel Connection, Shoring, Logistics, Site Safety…

Bridge, Highway + Rail

Design, Design-Build, Bridge Construction, Inspections, Rehabilitation, Culverts, Dam Structures…

Entertainment Engineering

Live Events, Venues, Rigging, Staging, Show Action Machinery, Rides, Theming, Signage…

Facade + Envelope

Consulting, Design, Glass, Glazing, Metal Panels, Inspection, Remediation…

Geotechnical Engineering

Soil Testing, Foundation Engineering, Earthwork Design…

Forensic Investigation

Litigation Support, Investigations, Expert Testimony, Demonstratives...

Survey + Mapping

Hydrographic, Topographic, Drone, Reality Capture, Construction, Survey Control…

All Services + Solutions

View all the services and innovative solutions which make McLaren a leading NY Capital District engineering firm…

Local Engineering

With offices in Albany and NYC, McLaren’s New York engineering team provides custom full-service building solutions throughout the State. We work across 10 distinct markets to shape NY’s unique building environment for both private and public clients. From preserving historic cities to improving infrastructure, bridge and roadway work to PE dive inspections, industrial builds and everything in between, our regional experts are building a better future.



Civil engineering plays an integral role in bringing public and private developments to life. From pre-development and due diligence studies to remediation and construction phase, our firm delivers innovative land solutions throughout the entitlement and building process.

Our civil and geotechnical engineers, environmental professionals, and permitting specialists work to develop site plans, land use designs, engineering support, utilities, storm water, and inspection services for projects of every size, shape, scope, and complexity.

In addition to technical expertise, we understand complex regulatory and environmental requirements to ensure project goals are met on time and within budget.

underground detention and water quality facility

5-acre surface parking lots provide in excess of 500 spaces and was built on top of ground that previously housed a stormwater pond.



With a wide range of services spanning from concept to completion, McLaren’s structural engineering group is built on a foundation of technical excellence, cutting-edge capabilities, pragmatic solutions, and a sensitivity for aesthetics.

Offering multidisciplinary consulting, analysis, design, project management, and construction phase support, our expert building engineers enable clients to best meet all project goals while building more efficiently and cost-effectively. With a full range of services for new construction projects to additions, renovations, adaptive reuse, and historic preservation and everything in between, out team can take you from concept to completion.

Capital District, Albany Engineering Firm
Across New York State

New construction, additions, adaptive reuse, and inspections

Specialty Market

New York Required Parking Garage Inspections

New York State’s “Condition Assessments of Parking Garages” rules apply to parking garages falling under the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code. Under Title 19 – Part 1203, it is mandated that parking garage owners in the State must have their garages inspected every three years by a professional engineer who is licensed and registered in New York State to identify any deterioration or unsafe conditions within the structure. Distinctive vulnerabilities of parking structures, such as accelerated deterioration from factors like overloading, environmental conditions, and de-icing pose a risk to public safety with potential for partial or total collapses. As such, regular inspections, preventative maintenance, and rehabilitation measures ensure the structural integrity and safety of these facilities.

Daniel Rachal's Expert Insight Into New York’s Parking Structure Inspections And Achieving Compliance With A QPSI
New York’s Parking Structure Inspections

Achieving Compliance With A Qualified Parking Structure Inspector (QPSI)

Specialty Market

Commercial +

The construction of commercial and industrial structures brings a unique set of ever-changing challenges that require innovative solutions. McLaren’s multidisciplinary approach includes turn key services that can take any project from concept to completion. Our work encompasses all aspects of structural design, inspection, and construction services. Additionally, it spans site/civil, geotechnical, facades, marine, surveying, entertainment, forensics, and construction engineering.

Our Albany engineering team has a diverse portfolio of commercial projects of varying sizes, shapes and scopes including retail fit-outs, new-construction of low-rise plazas, industrial warehouses/facilities, data centers, corporate office buildings, and more.

Mall Expansion - Colonie Center

The 1.2 million square foot Colonie Center Mall in Albany underwent a $10 million renovation...

Specialty Market

Infrastructure For
A Better Future

From revitalizing streets and sidewalks, to upgrading bridges and highways, to reimaging sustainable solutions for transportation, McLaren’s Albany engineering team is building a better future for New York State. 

Working with our clients to provide innovative support for infrastructure projects our services span design, design-build (alternative project delivery), inspection, assessments, rehabilitation, and maintenance.


Structural Inspections +

Early signs of deterioration are not always obvious to the untrained eye. As such, detailed visual, hands-on, and sometimes probe inspections by expert structural engineers are imperative. 

Whether a high-rise, residential complex, commercial building, or industrial facility, structures of all sizes should undergo periodic assessment to maintain their overall health and safety. Our robust Albany engineering structural inspection and investigation services can identify deterioration to determine the structural well-being of a building and its individual components. Additionally, we perform root cause analysis and help provide short and long-term remediation, rehabilitation, and repair support.

Specialty Market

Adaptive Reuse
Repurosing Historic New York

Conversion and repurposing of existing buildings can help meet everchanging market demands with a more sustainable and cost effective option.

As such, McLaren’s Upstate New York engineering team of specialists provide innovative solutions to even the most challenging adaptive-reuse properties.

With an extensive structural portfolio along with an understanding of historic preservation needs and building codes, we have helped engineer some of the most iconic and complex adaptive re-use projects in Albany and beyond.

We provide a full range of services for adaptive re-use projects from structural engineering to restoration, surveying and forensics. We work closely with our clients to explore economical, innovative, and sustainable solutions to extend the useful life of existing facilities.

Walkway Over the Hudson - Bridge Conversion

This bridge conversion project transformed the historic Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge structure into a scenic pedestrian walkway.


Marine Solutions
Upstate New York

With the most advanced and reliable services available in-house, McLaren’s Albany marine engineering division is comprised of over 45 engineers, designers, engineer divers, and scientists. Our firm provides unrivaled services in complex waterfront inspection, design, rehabilitation, permitting, and construction management.

Our work ranges from large-scale projects, the design of complex berths and ship terminals, and the support of offshore wind development, to the rehabilitation of piers, bulkhead designs, and dive inspections led by Professional Engineers.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator - Trip in Tow

Massive generator was successfully moved from the Port of Coeymans, NY to NJ. Its trip made national headlines as it was the tallest, heaviest object to ever move down the Hudson River.

Albany Area

Renowned for a trusted, high-quality approach, our award-winning firm solves complex engineering challenges with creative, custom solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.


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