Art Installation for Halloween

Artist Feature

Art Installation
for Halloween

With striking views of the Hudson River and the North Cove Marina, the soaring glass atrium known as The Winter Garden has a spooky resident temporarily residing amongst the palm trees. McLaren worked with Brookfield Properties to evaluate the rigging support for this 22-foot-tall, 102-pound inflatable sculpture by artists Tin & Ed. The temporary art installation is held in place with 12 rigging points at the top, each of which are supported overhead by a truss rigging to the roof.

“Monster” is a hybrid flower form that borrows directly from nature: a digital crossbreed of parasitic plants and fungi found in the art duo’s research. With olive-and-orange speckled tentacles and an always-open eye in the center, the creation was sculpted using a 3D machine learning model that remixes different sea life including corals, sea slugs and starfish. Monster was created as an ecological warning, albeit a cute one: a Frankensteinish beast conjured by human interference with nature.

Art lovers are in for a Halloween treat…