Gantry Crane Peer Review at Steel Mill

When Maxim Crane Works, LP, an industrial cold rolled steel mill in Huntington, West Virginia needed to determine the load capacity to move two mill stands, McLaren Engineering Group performed a peer review of the gantry crane.

Our construction engineers reviewed the drawings and calculations for the pick and confirming the capacities of rigging, gantry header beams, gantry jacks, gantry tracks and support beams.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

During the peer review of the gantry crane, it was found that if assembled and executed as instructed, it could lift a whopping 221,000 lbs.

McLaren also performed a finite element analysis of the mill stand assembly’s housing screw component. In the findings, McLaren included a preventive option to mitigate bending of the housing screw when lifted and moved.

Huntington, WV
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Maxim Crane Works, LP