Round House Theatre Revamp Resolves Numerous Shortcomings

Media Coverage
Source: ARCHITECTURE DC Magazine
July 21, 2022
Round House Theatre Revamp Resolves Numerous Shortcomings

McLaren and the team behind Round House Theatre’s full-scale renovation were featured in Architecture DC’s 2022 Summer issue.

Architect: Kamm Architecture, Inc.
Theater Consultant: Charcoalblue, LLP
Structural Engineer: McLaren Engineering Group
MEP Engineer: James Posey Associates
Owner’s Rep: JM Zell Partners
General Contractor: Forrester Construction

“Round House Theatre’s performance venue, in downtown Bethesda, was constructed in 2000-01 as part of the headquarters complex for Chevy Case Bank. The theater looks like a stand alone building, sperate from the two office towers, but is actually positioned atop a shared parking garage. Originally, the theater space did double duty, used by the bank for corporate presentations and but Round House performances.

Perhaps because the theater was a relatively small part of a large complex, it appears not to have received sufficient design attention…”

Turn to page 66 to see how the team transformed Round House Theatre through a $9 million revamp.