City of Laurel – On-Call Civil Engineering Services

McLaren Engineering Group provides on-call civil engineering services on public infrastructure and roadway projects for the City of Laurel, Maryland. Tasks have ranged from pavement evaluations, design, permitting, inspections and environmental assessments, sidewalk and roadway design improvements, drainage design improvements and trail system design repairs, improvements and extensions, to surveying.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

The McLaren team has performed nine separate infrastructure improvement projects for the City of Laurel to date. Most notably, McLaren has improved and rehabilitated numerous trails at the City’s largest park: the Granville Gude Park. Additional projects include Riverfront Park improvements, Dorset Road improvements, and non-destructive pavement inspection and evaluations of 25 City streets.

Additionally, McLaren has provided low impact development (LID) designs as well as designs to retrofit outdated stormwater management facilities using environmental site design (ESD) techniques. Other water resource engineering tasks have included hydrologic and hydraulic modeling using TR-55, TR-20, and HEC-RAS. McLaren has also completed all applicable local, state, and federal permitting, including NPDES issuance and support.