National Aquarium Solar Tree

The National Aquarium has set out on a bold mission to go net-zero-neutral on greenhouse gas emissions by 2035, and the McLaren Maryland team is a part of engineering that sustainable future!

The National Aquarium waterfront campus’ new solar tree is located at Pier 4 of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and will transfer clean energy to the Aquarium’s solar grid. During the day, the tree uses its “branches” to collect energy from the sun to help power the aquarium and at night, it glows using its energy-efficient LED lighting. Our team provided civil engineering and foundation design for the solar tree energy transmission project including site plan and permitting.

More Sustainable Features

Additionally, National Aquarium being a conservation focused organization, it is undergoing projects to keep the Chesapeake Bay healthy. McLaren has been part of the Aquarium’s reimagining of its waterfront, through work on a thriving wetland ecosystem prototype with a goal of transforming it into a full scale, 14,000 square foot floating wetland habitat between two piers.

McLaren National Aquarium Projects

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