GSA Facility – White Oak Campus Forensic Survey

McLaren Engineering Group provided a topographic survey, forensic investigation and condition assessment on over three-acres of concrete pavers for the Food and Drug Administration’s entire White Oak Campus in Silver Spring, MD. A visual inspection of the three multiple-story parking garages, totally a million square feet of parking surface, was also performed.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

Local officials had concerns that areas of the campus were not appropriate for the type of pavers and surfaces already installed. McLaren’s survey work included condition evaluations of 16 different types and 43 different groups of pavers on campus. McLaren provided a summary of the different types of pavers and, where available, researched the specifications and drawings used for the construction of each paver area. A three-tiered rating system for paver areas was developed, as well as a list of areas where pavers were not appropriate due to site conditions.

A final report to the General Services Administration included summary findings, prioritized maintenance recommendations to reduce paver deterioration and estimates for future cost-efficient maintenance budgets.

Silver Spring, MD
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