Eddystone Arsenal Warehouse Conversion

McLaren Engineering Group worked with the architect on the warehouse renovation design of the 465,680 square foot site formerly known as Baldwin Locomotive Works and its wartime subsidiary Eddystone Arsenal. Renovations were made to the historic steam engine manufacturing facility and WW1 munitions factory to turn it into a multi-tenant warehouse and industrial center just outside the Philadelphia, in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. There’s a massive missile nose cone that was left behind; the artifact was salvaged and used as a sculpture at the front of the property.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

The original load-bearing masonry powerhouse, originally used to generate steam and electricity for the entire complex, was removed in order to reclaim the space for development. New structural steel framing was constructed and a new metal and translucent panel wall system installed. McLaren also designed the bracing to stabilize the structure for the new warehouse renovation layout and previously provided schematics for adding a marina to the site.

Philadelphia, PA
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