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McLAREN 2023

Milestone Anniversaries +
Award Winning Staff

We are celebrating our dedicated team members who have reached milestones of service and Merit Awards! Congratulations and thank you for all of your contributions and hard work.

McLaren 2023 Service Awards

Milestone Anniversaries

30 Years of Service: Daniel Korkosz

15 Years of Service: Donna Murray / Jon Skinner, PE

10 Years of Service: Lawrence Bennett, PE / Barton Breisch, PE / Edward Chiu / Luke Crawford / Johanne Jean-Louis / Joseph Motisi / R. Bryan Peiffer

5 Years of Service: Dawson Bloom, PE / Jay Glucksman / Veronica Grace / Daniel Murphy, PE / Ryan Rivet-Frame, PE / Ethan Wells, PE / Spenser Wigsten, PE / John Woolley, Jr., PE

Merit Awards

Voted by management and employee shareholders for its substantial impact and value on technical, financial, and business development levels, TSX Broadway has set a new benchmark for excellence within McLaren Engineering Group. This 46-story, 550,000 square foot project, located in the heart of Times Square, represents a world-class rebuild that integrates luxury hotel accommodations with high-end retail space, an expansive outdoor stage, massive LED screen doors, and unprecedented digital advertising capabilities.

Our Entertainment and Construction teams delivered superior engineering innovation, impeccable technical execution, and meticulous project management to bring this landmark project to fruition. Congratulations to everyone involved in making the TSX Broadway project a monumental success!

McLaren Engineering Group's 2023 Award For Innovation Goes To Marine Project Engineer and Drone Survey Lead, Taylor Zimmerman, PE

Award for Innovation

Marine Project Engineer and Drone Survey Lead, Taylor Zimmerman, PE

Chosen for their exceptional efforts to drive technological advancements and expand McLaren Engineering Group’s horizons, Taylor’s dedication to fostering growth and pushing the boundaries of what is possible has truly set a new benchmark for excellence.

As a FAA certified sUAS pilot and a drone and aerial mapping expert, Taylor has been making waves across the industry after receiving an M.Eng in Ocean Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. Since starting in our Marine Division, they have been making a mark on various coastal projects and advancing the use of state-of-the-art inspection, mapping, and 3D modeling services. The award celebrates Taylor’s relentless pursuit of innovation and the significant impact you have made at the cutting edge of technology.
Structures Senior Associate, Tyler Meek, PE Congratulations on winning McLaren Engineering Group Awards for Business Development + Think Like an Owner 

Business Development Award + Think Like an Owner Award

Structures Senior Associate, Tyler Meek, PE

Tyler’s unwavering commitment to driving our company’s growth and his enthusiastic embrace of our ESOP mission are truly commendable. His ability to identify industry opportunities, coupled with his proactive approach to tackling challenges, sets a shining example for others to follow. Moreover, his exemplary leadership qualities have significantly propelled our company forward and revolutionized upstate New York’s business development landscape.
Entertainment Engineer, Elena Helvajian, PE Wins McLaren's Client Hero Award Award and Spirit of McLaren Award

Client Hero Award + Spirit of McLaren Award

Entertainment Project Engineer, Elena Helvajian, PE

Elena’s unparalleled commitment makes her stand out as the leading advocate for lasting client relationships. Her consistently innovative approach, coupled with her enthusiasm and dedication, sets a standard for client service excellence for all her colleagues. Internally, Elena serves as a driving force behind our enthusiastic and energetic work culture, truly embodying the spirit of McLaren. Elena, these awards stand as a testament to the company-wide recognition of your exceptional capabilities.

Her positive attitude, unwavering dedication, and commitment to nurturing client relationships consistently drive McLaren Engineering Group to industry excellence. 

McLaren Engineering Group's 2023 President's Award Goes To

President's Award

Structural Principal, Diego Eras, PE

Diego’s outstanding dedication to advancing our mission has earned him the highest recognition from both management and employee shareholders. Voted as this year’s most accomplished employee, Diego’s diligence in driving technical excellence, fiscal responsibility, and client satisfaction has set a new standard of excellence within McLaren Engineering Group.

Congratulations, Diego, on this extraordinary achievement! Your remarkable accomplishments and unwavering commitment to our mission exemplify the very best of McLaren Engineering Group. Here’s to your continued success and to the impactful contributions you will undoubtedly make in the future!

McLaren Engineering Group's 2023 Team Player Award Goes To

Team Player Award

Budget + Project Control Manager, Jewel McLean

In recognition of her exceptional commitment to teamwork, Jewel has been voted by management and employee shareholders as the embodiment of collaboration within McLaren Engineering Group. Her selfless dedication to supporting her team, mentoring colleagues, and solving challenges has made her an indispensable anchor within McLaren.

Jewel, your tireless efforts to promote teamwork and unity have not gone unnoticed. This award is a testament to the invaluable contributions you make to our company each day. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition! Your leadership and dedication truly exemplify the spirit of teamwork that defines our organization.

McLaren Engineering Group's 2023 Applied Ingenuity Award Goes To

The Applied Ingenuity Award

Entertainment Senior Associate, Matt Saide, PE

Celebrated for his embodiment of McLaren’s motto of “applied ingenuity,” Matt has been recognized by both management and employee shareholders for his creative problem-solving skills. His commitment to exploring new, out-of-the-box solutions has added long-term value to our projects and client relationships.

Congratulations, Matt, on this well-deserved recognition! Your ability to apply ingenious and innovative solutions to daily challenges continues to inspire your colleagues and drive McLaren Engineering Group forward. Here’s to your continued success and to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible!

McLaren Engineering Group's 2023 Project Management Award Goes To

Project Management Award

Associate Technical Civil Engineer, Stephen Zaskey, PE

In acknowledgment of his exceptional project management skills, Stephen has been honored by both management and fellow employee shareholders for his outstanding achievements. Stephen’s commitment to the cultivation of client relationships and delivery of high-quality products sets a benchmark for excellence within McLaren Engineering Group.

Stephen, your unparalleled project management abilities have not only set you apart as a leader within our organization, but have also played a pivotal role in our continued success and growth. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition! Your dedication and proficiency inspire us all to strive for greatness in everything we do.

McLaren Engineering Group's 2023 Award For Multidisciplinary Excellence Goes To

Multidisciplinary Excellence Award

Structural Associate Technical, Josh Morales, PE, SE

In celebration of his remarkable proficiency across multiple engineering disciplines, Josh has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to McLaren Engineering Group. With expertise spanning various distinct fields, Josh consistently demonstrates technical excellence and versatility in his work.

Josh, you consistently set a high standard for your peers and that inspires us all to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition! Your ingenuity and technical expertise continue to elevate McLaren Engineering Group to new heights of achievement.

McLaren Engineering Group's 2023 Rookie of the Year Award Goes To

Rookie Of The Year Award

Construction Engineer, Matthew Makuch, EIT

In recognition of his tireless work ethic, technical excellence, and overall positive approach, Matthew has been selected by his peers and fellow employee shareholders as the outstanding new employee of the past eighteen months. Always eager to help and learn, Matthew has become an integral part of McLaren’s Construction Engineering division, as well as our greater upstate New York team.

In the words of his colleagues, “Matt picks me up when I am down and has an enthusiastic, positive attitude that makes everyone around him perform better.”

Your determination, ambition, and drive have made you a standout newcomer within McLaren Engineering Group. We look forward to seeing you flourish in your role and make your mark on the industry.