San Jose McEnery Convention Hall – Event Load Ratings

With 520,000 square feet of event space, California’s San Jose McEnery Convention Hall is no stranger to hosting concurrent and back-to-back conferences, exhibitions, meetings, and events. Able to quickly transform into any immersive experience, the largest convention center in Silicon Valley boasts spaces that include rigging capacities up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. However, after nearly 35 years, changes in event rigging demands coupled with several renovations and additions to the venue, prompted the need to develop coordinated rigging drawings and load ratings.

To help provide designers and riggers with a better understanding of layouts when hanging temporary elements, McLaren’s entertainment division developed a comprehensive set of AutoCAD rigging drawings and temporary event load ratings for all of San Jose Convention Center’s major event spaces.

Event Spaces Load Rating Increased

After extensive on-site inspections, analysis of the roof structure, and a thorough review of original building plans and shop drawings, McLaren was able to verify there is sufficient reserve capacity to substantially increase temporary event load ratings from what was previously available. The team developed new rigging criteria and capacities for 5 primary event spaces, the entrance portal, and the common areas linking the event spaces together. The massive steel trusses that makeup San Jose’s three unobstructed Exhibit Halls’ include clear spans of up to 292 feet, perfect to support its iconic shows and events!