Peacock TV Pop Up Display

In anticipation of Peacock TV hatching, McLaren’s entertainment engineers designed a 4-story tall, 46 feet wide peacock sculpture to use as a promotional display at Rockefeller Center in NYC as well as Universal Studios in LA. The streaming service announced itself in January of 2020 with the help of the 15,000-pound topiary peafowl advertisement that towered over throngs of passerby’s in Midtown Manhattan. The promotional pop up display helped hype this free streaming service wich provides content not only from NBC Universal (which includes USA Network, SyFy, Bravo, Telemundo and Universal Kids) but also Lionsgate and Starz.

Rockefeller Center Pop Up

For this pop up display our team engineered frames that hold the 15,000 feet of garland and 11,055 multi-colored LED lights. To create a supporting structure that is ‘invisible’ and satisfies artists’ vision, McLaren’s entertainment engineers designed a ‘grid’ of box truss resting on the ground to support the feathers, an internal tubular frame to support the bird’s body, and an assembly of Steeldeck®️ platforms with cladding to create the podium for the bird. McLaren reviewed the entire bird assembly for structural adequacy and sized the guy lines and ballast blocks that they attach to, providing stability for the structure.

Universal Studios Pop Up

The Peacock structure was repurposed from the previously installed location in New York City, for the two-day pop up display at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, CA. In order for the Peacock to fit aesthetically into the chosen LA location, the golden platform was modified. The bird body of the peacock was supported by aluminum box truss clad with wood to create a 26’ wide x 16’ deep x 2’ high platform. The back portion of the peacock was comprised of an aluminum box truss to create the feathers. McLaren analyzed the framing of the peacock structure, provided calculations, recommend any changes required for the frame to comply with the Los Angeles Building Code and incorporated the elements into a final drawing package created by the client.