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McLaren has an extensive history of providing multi-disciplinary support services for the design and installation of solar energy systems nationwide. Our innovative engineering solutions focus on the benefits of renewable energy while taking into account efficiency, cost effectiveness, and space constraints.

Our team has inspected, planned, analyzed, designed and engineered solar energy projects of varying shapes, sizes and complexities including solar carports, canopies, solar rooftop installations, solar array support, and ground mounted solar farms.

Each design option presents distinct advantages based on the physical structure and available space of the location.

Solar Rooftop Mounts + Arrays

If the existing building is structurally sound and includes a large flat roof space or an adequate southern facing roof area, solar rooftops can be viable options for clients to consider, particularly in commercial complexes and condensed urban environments.

Ground Mounts

A solar ground mount system, on the other hand, can help put a large unoccupied piece of land to good use. Yet, it is important to understand that ground mount systems may limit any future construction or other use of the land they are built upon.

Carports + Canopies

When the traditional solar ground mount system or rooftop options are not feasible, owners can also consider erecting a solar panel carport or canopy system to harness the power of the sun. These freestanding structures provide all the benefits of a regular carport or shade structure with the benefit of a solar energy powered system.

Solar Trees

Although solar trees are a type of ground mounted solar systems, they incorporate a unique element of design.

An aesthetically eye-catching energy option, solar trees consist of solar panels mounted atop a long pole that can support multiple panels in different spots, much like branches on a tree.

In situations where space is a constraint, solar trees provide an option for installing multiple layers of solar panels while maximizing the efficiency of the available area.

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Solar Energy

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