Drewville Bridge Replacement and Flood Mitigation

Rendered functionally obsolete, the deteriorating Drewville Road Bridge over the Croton River in Carmel, NY is being replaced with a more resilient and efficient structure.

McLaren’s Bridge Engineering team introduced a longer and wider design comprised of precast concrete adjacent box girders with a composite deck slab. Unlike the existing bridge which had only two steel girders, the new structure features a redundant design with many girders, increasing its safety and reliability.

Bridge Flood Mitigation + Resilient Design

The new design also serves to mitigate future flood damage. The replacement superstructure stands higher above the river and the elevation of the roadway profile on either side was raised. The existing bridge abutments are being reused to protect the new abutments and channel the river in normal flow conditions. The new longer bridge with a raised profile allows for a larger hydraulic opening, in turn reducing the depth of the river during flood conditions. The adjacent box girder design provides a smooth bottom surface to prevent flood-borne debris becoming trapped, which was an issue with the original bridge. Additionally, stormwater will be redirected off the bridge to dry swales on either side.