Saltmarsh Rehabilitation Volunteers at NYC Soundview Park - Amadeo Gjasta from McLaren Engineering Group

McLaren Volunteers

Saltmarsh Rehabilitation Volenteers
at Soundview Park

As part of NYC Parks Soundview Park Saltmarsh restoration stewardship program, members of our marine engineering team, Jed Tango and Amadeo Gjasta, volunteered to remove debris and restore plant life as part of an effort to help rehabilitate the wetland and create a healthier ecosystem.

The 205-acre park at the mouth of the Bronx River was constructed on a former landfill. The Soundview Park Salt Marsh Ecological Restoration project has restored approximately 3.5 acres of Soundview Park’s salt marsh by excavating nearly 12 feet of landfill and adding clean material to return the area to appropriate salt marsh elevations. Efforts to further reconstruct the historic salt marsh are being planned.

Today, Soundview also offers the community access to sports fields, walking/biking paths, and nature viewing. McLaren recently performed topographical surveying using lidar scans for the addition of a new Recreation Center.