NYC Flooding Protection Efforts

It takes teamwork to bring positive changes to New York City’s 700+ miles of coastline. In this YouTube video, Waterfront Alliance Director, Joseph Sutkowi talked with Cheddar News about the NYC’s ongoing plans to defend from sea level rise and support the more than 1 million people vulnerable to flooding.

Our Marine and Coastal team is part of the solution, with WEDG certified staff focused on creating resilient, ecological, and accessible waterfronts. McLaren’s NYC flooding protection efforts span living shoreline development, flood plain management, shoreline stabilization, and life cycle surveying.

City initiatives, like Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency (ZCFR) aims to better support post-disaster recovery and promote long-term resilient solutions for floodplain communities. Engineer, Kaitlyn Frega, CFM, ENV SP explains:

Zoning for Coastal Flooding (ZCFR)

The measure provides clear and simple rules that treat all building types similarly in order to guide long-term resilient design by proactively preparing the City’s neighborhoods to withstand the increasing risks of future storms, floods, and rising sea levels.
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