Hackley School Health & Wellness Center

Walter C. Johnson Center for Health & Wellness is a 115,000-sq-ft, two-story addition to the Hackley School’s educational complex in Tarrytown, NY. The LEED Gold Certified supplement was developed as an athletic facility and student center for the K-12, Day and Boarding School campus.

Positioned on the side of a forested mountain of rock, directly over a New York City aqueduct, the site’s beautiful campus topography proved to pose a significant access challenge. Project goals centered on seamlessly incorporating the new construction into the site’s natural landscape while saving as many existing boulders and trees as possible. However, due to the complex topography, the foundation had to be carved out and the crushed rock was used for fill material.

McLaren provided civil engineering services included site plan approval and civil design of the sites amenities, roadways, parking, and stormwater management.

K-12 School Health & Wellness Center

Working closely with the architect and landscape architect, McLaren’s civil engineers helped support a seamless development of the new building into the natural mountain landscape through integration of the grading, drainage, and stormwater management.

Our team prepared a comprehensive study to develop a preliminary stormwater plan for the Walter C. Johnson Center for Health & Wellness, investigating current and potential future runoff to develop a preliminary plan for stormwater detention.


Inspections were performed in conformance with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Pollution Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) for Discharges for Construction Activities, General Permit GP-0-15-002 (General Permit). This involved assessment of: all erosion and sediment control practices to ensure integrity and effectiveness, all post-construction stormwater management practices under construction to ensure that they are constructed in conformance with the A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), and all points of discharge from the construction site.

Stormwater Planters

At the building’s grand entrance, McLaren coordinated with the landscape architect to create stormwater planters. The stunning water features were designed to pass the overflow stormwater runoff, they then infiltrate into the stormwater planter to meet runoff reduction requirements. When it isn’t raining, the design provides a simple dry aesthetic.

Additional Highlights

Surveying: McLaren’s survey team provided project control and monitoring stakeout during construction.

Award Winning: This project was named New York Region Best K-12 Education Project by ENR.

Award Winner
Tarrytown, NY
Year Completed
Consigli Construction Co., Inc.; Architectural Resources Cambridge

Images 1 and 6: Consigli Construction Co., Inc.; Image Credit for Image 5: Hackley School