Auburn Correctional Facility Perimeter Wall Repair

Originally constructed in 1816, the New York State Auburn Correctional Facility is currently classified as a maximum-security prison. Through on-site inspections, the facility determined a need to repair a 375 ft. length of original wall, constructed using stone and mortar, which was encased in shotcrete in the 1980’s. The perimeter wall is a high security aspect and the upmost importance to the prison’s operations as it serves as the final barrier between the prison facility and the public. Work included structural inspection, preparation of a rehabilitation Program Report, structural and civil rehabilitation design documents, bid support services, construction support services, and continuous on-site inspections during construction.

McLaren Engineering Group developed repair drawings, which included encasing the existing stone wall with a new cast-in-place concrete wall and foundation. Due to varying sub-grade conditions, a mixture of micro-pile foundations along with utilizing the existing wall foundations was required. Bid Phase Support was provided after construction documents were delivered. McLaren worked with OGS, the Facility, and the contractor to supplement the original design to accommodate the Facility’s strict security measures, which restricted certain typical construction methods, and the existing wall’s poor condition. Continuous on-site inspection services were provided to ensure construction conformance to the design documents and to address on-site issues that may be uncovered.

Auburn, NY
Year Completed
New York State Office of General Services (OGS)