Reality Capture Models

What do you get when you combine multibeam bathymetry, LiDAR scans, aerial drone photogrammetry, and accurate GPS control points? You get precise reality capture models with undeniably gorgeous marine point clouds and 3D models.

Point clouds are the foundations of reality capture models, as each point is defined by its own XYZ position associated with a real-world coordinate system. Millions of points are then stitched together and accurately aligned to create a multi-dimensional, interactive “reality capture” of the built environment that renders elements from the size of a tiny pebble to entire city structures.

Once produced, the 3D models can be navigated, inspected, and zoomed in and out of, giving clients a fully explorable and easily accessed digital deliverable without going out to the site.

McLaren’s marine surveying team is at the forefront of producing state-of-the-art reality capture models at the water’s edge using drones , LiDAR, and multibeam hydrographic survey technology. To generate a unified model from multiple data acquisition systems, dry land topography is captured at low tide and multibeam bathymetry is captured at high tide, which produces overlapping datasets that can be merged to create a single continuous real time replica of site conditions to support mapping, analysis, remediation, and repair.