Two Manhattan West – Commercial Highrise

Manhattan’s Far West Side is transforming from a once-remote industrial frontier to an ultra-modern, mixed-use mecca. The area’s newest development, Two Manhattan West, is taking shape atop a platform over Penn Station’s LIRR rail corridor, adjacent to its slightly taller architectural twin, One ManhattanWest.

A near-supertall tower, Two Manhatten West is slated to become a $2 billion commercial office space development comprised of 2 million square feet located on West 31st Street, between Ninth Avenue and Tenth Avenue.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

Working with Metropolitan Walters Group, McLaren provided the filing of NYC DOB permits and all crane engineering for the erection of the 58-story tower, including two Favco M760 tower cranes, an LR1400 crawler crane, and an LTM 1350 mobile crane.

To adhere to space constraints, the two large tower cranes placed inside the building structure itself are building up from within. As the steel columns take shape, an internal climbing assembly allows the tower cranes to climb the high-rise structure to build level-by-level. To successfully implement this plan McLaren performed structural analysis on the core of the building to confirm the structure could support the loads imposed by both tower cranes.

On the outside, a five-story “cocoon” walkway around the entire perimeter of the skyscraper provides a safe, moveable enclosure for workers. McLaren designed the supports that tie the cocoon into the building, enabling it to effortlessly climb up the structure with its hydraulic arms as the erection progresses.

The entire Manhattan West megaproject is a 5.4 million square foot place for innovative companies, disruptive brands, discerning consumers, and experience seekers.

New York, NY
Year Completed
Metropolitan Walters Group

Image Credit for Image 2: Brookfield Properties; Image 8: Google Earth