3 Sutton Place Erection

3 Sutton Place Erection

6 hss Steel Connection

3 Sutton Place, NYC’s new 847-foot-tall, 62-story residential skyscraper comprises 121 units with sweeping views of Manhattan

Working with Orange County Ironworks to provide custom solutions for the erection of 3 Sutton Place, our construction team engineered the connection designs and came up with bolted concepts that met the design loading for the new structural steel. At the tower’s illuminated crown, steel brace frame connections involved non-typical custom weldment, some with up to 6 hollow structural sections (hss) branching into one node. This configuration was needed to resist both the typical brace framing axial loads as well as the non-typical horizontal shear loading.

To ensure worker safety, our team also provided the Means and Methods for the 7th floor horizontal safety netting which utilized a custom double channel cantilever system from the base-building structure using a gantry/trolley method. This allowed the erection of the cantilevered safety netting support to occur completely from within the building profile itself.

3 Sutton Place is scheduled for completion in 2022.

New York, NY
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Image Credit for featured image: architect, Thomas Juul-Hansen IG account; Images 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7: Orange County Ironworks, LLC