Fulton Avenue Bridge and South Street Design Build Bridge Replacement

Teaming with ECCO III, McLaren’s Bridge, Highway + Rail group has been awarded the MTA Construction & Development Contract (68632) Design-Build Services for the Replacement of Fulton Avenue and South Street Bridge.

Located over the Metro-North train tracks in downtown Mount Vernon, NY the 130-year-old bridges have aged past repair. Safety reports conducted by the Department of Transportation had previously uncovered serious issues compromising Fulton Avenue Bridge’s structural integrity. This resulted in a forced closure to vehicular traffic in 2022.

South Street Design Build Bridge Replacement

South Street before construction, credit Google Maps

South Street Bridge, at the Bronx border, has also fallen into disrepair.

The objective of this project is to replace both Fulton Avenue Bridge and South Street Bridge with new modern structures to improve traffic, pedestrian circulation, and access to Metro-North Railroad’s Mount Vernon East Station, adjacent to Fulton Avenue.

As the Design-Builder, our team will provide planning, design, and engineering services.

Mount Vernon, NY
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