TSX Broadway Engineering

1568 Broadway is now dubbed TSX Broadway, a 46-story, 550,000 square foot world-class NYC rebuild. The building will feature a luxury hotel with high-end retail space, a permanent outdoor stage, and huge outdoor advertising space in the heart of Times Square, the most heavily trafficked location in the western hemisphere.


Demolition on this project began on the 46th floor of the original building, using the elevator shafts as a giant chute to safely discard scrap material and debris from each gutted level. The bottom 25 percent of the existing structure was preserved and the additional floors rebuilt. The building’s historic Palace Theater was lifted 30 feet higher from its original position to the sixth floor of TSX Broadway, in order to make room for new retail space below.

McLaren assisted the steel erector with part of the install procedures for the large plates and the jacking method statement of the steel super columns. The load in the super columns was estimated at 9,000,000 lbs and went up smoothly in only 4 hours!

The Dynamic Stage Doors that TSX Broadway Brings to Times Square

A massive LED display wrapped around L&L Holding Company’s highly anticipated mixed-use development creates a mind-blowing, never-before-seen digital experience – even by Times Square standards. Integrated behind the 18,000-square-feet of dazzling signage will be an indoor-outdoor performance venue with two incorporated 86,000 lbs doors that open to dramatically unveil live performance events from within the building’s facade.

McLaren was behind the precise engineering needed to discretely incorporate operable stage doors into what will be Times Square’s largest signage opportunity.

Palace Theater Lift

Over the course of approximately eight weeks, the fully-intact 1,700-seat theatre ascended 30 feet, raised inch-by-inch, to its new home on the third floor to make way for retail space below.

34 hydraulically-controlled steel posts were used to push the venue up at about a ¼ inch per hour under the design of Urban Foundation. McLaren’s construction engineering team worked with J.C. Steel Erectors to help develop the innovative erection sequencing procedures for the steel installation below the theatre that was used during the lift.

As the massive beams were too long to be installed in one piece, our team helped develop the system for installing the 3 separate beam pieces, have them connected together, and then lifted into place to push up the theatre floor.

To make sure the steel sequencing and erection could proceed safely and without damaging any of items in the land marked theatre interior, we also with worked with Pavarini McGovern on the development of temporary supports for the proscenium wall during the install of the lifting steel.