Brooklyn Navy Yard – Marine Engineering Waterfront Development

McLaren Engineering Group provided marine engineering services for the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation’s 10-year Master Plan to revitalize the 213-acre site into an economic development facility. McLaren provided specific area waterfront rehabilitation services to various marine structures including Piers C, D, G and K; Berths 3A, 6, 7, 7A, 14A, 17, 18, 20A and 20B.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

McLaren’s work on NYC’s Brooklyn Navy Yard was performed in a multi-phase process to ensure the design captured the client’s vision. The firm first performed above water and underwater inspection and assessment of piers, low-level relieving platforms, bulkheads/seawalls and wharves. Prior to repairs, the structures were in a dilapidated state. Because the facilities were old timber structures, McLaren was exposed to nearly every type of timber construction – and nearly every type of condition for which a solution was needed. Repairs were executed in consideration of the environmental regulations. Preliminary and final design services, with construction cost estimates, were then provided for each rehabilitation.


Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp; Owner: The City of New York