McLaren Engineering Group designs transportation systems that accommodate growing population centers and complement the design fabric surrounding lands and structures. We design facilities, terminals and bridges with the competing demands placed on transportation systems in mind. We work alongside our trusted agency partners throughout the planning process to restore or replace aging infrastructure.


Accident ReconstructionAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA) StudiesAsset Management PlansAxial & Lateral Load TestingBarge Design, Repair & InspectionBerthing System DesignBorings - Marine & LandBoundary SurveysBridge Inspection - Above & Below WaterBridge Repair, Rehabilitation & Safety RecommendationsBridge ReplacementsCable & Tensile Structures DesignCanal & Lock InspectionsCapital Improvement PlansCivil Engineering InvestigationsCoastal EngineeringCofferdam DesignComplex Connection DesignComputerized Pre-VisualizationConcrete Footings & Foundations DesignCondition AssessmentsCondition Inspections & SurveysConstructibility ReviewsConstruction AdministrationConstruction EngineeringConstruction Failure AnalysisConstruction InspectionConstruction Line & Grade Line SurveysConstruction Plans & SpecificationsConstruction SequencingCrane Pick PlansCrane Stability Analysis - On Land & Barge MountedCribbing Design & Load Distribution SolutionsCruise Ship Terminal DesignDemolition Sequencing, Procedures & PlansDesign of Bulkheads, Relieving Platforms, Quay WallsDesign of Deep & Shallow Foundation SystemsDevelopment of Technical, Bid & Performance SpecificationsDocks, Floating Docks & Floating Structure DesignDowntown Planning / RedevelopmentDrainage Studies, Design & HydraulicsDrilled Piles, Tiebacks, Drilled Foundation DesignDynamic AnalysisEasement SurveysEnvironmental Assessment Filing (EAF)Environmental AssessmentsEnvironmental Impact Statement (EIS)Erection Sequencing, Procedures & PlansErosion Control DesignExpert TestimonyFabrication & Installation InspectionFacility Renovations / Conversions DesignFall Protection DesignBathymetric / Fathometric / Hydrographic SurveysFatigue & Life Cycle AnalysisFeasibility StudiesFEMA / Mitigation DesignFEMA Elevation CertificatesFEMA Investigation - Storm ResponseFendering System DesignFerry Landing / Terminal Design - Fixed & FloatingFinite Element Modelling & AnalysisForensic Investigations & EngineeringGeotechnical & Soils EngineeringGIS Based Mapping – ArcGISGrading DesignGravity & Lateral System AnalysisHighway Bridge DesignHighway DesignHistoric Preservation & Restoration DesignInvestigations of Existing ConditionsLandscape DesignLateral Support Systems DesignLife Cycle AnalysisLoad Rating AnalysisLocal & Regional Planning StudiesMarine Borer Studies, Investigations & MitigationMarine EngineeringMarine Navigation StudiesMaterial Failure AnalysisMechanical EngineeringMitigation DesignMooring AnalysisMooring Structure DesignNatural Disaster Recovery EffortsNaval ArchitecturePassenger Amenity DesignPedestrian Bridge DesignPeer ReviewPhased Construction Stability AnalysisPier Design - New & RepairPile Driving Design & InspectionPlanningPlatform DesignPort PlanningPost Tension DesignPre-VisualizationRailroad Bridge DesignRecycled Plastic Lumber (RPL) DesignReinforced & Prestressed Concrete DesignResilient Infrastructure DesignRetaining Wall DesignRigging DesignRight-of-Way SurveysRope-Access InspectionRoute SurveysScour AnalysisSediment Basin DesignSeismic DesignShoreline Stabilization / Seawall DesignSite / Civil EngineeringSite Investigations & AssessmentSite Planning & LayoutSite Safety PlansSlope Stability AnalysisSpecial Structure DesignSPRAT InspectionStatic & Dynamic AnalysisSteel Bridge Design & AnalysisStormwater Management DesignStormwater Pollution Plan (SWPPP) DesignStreet & Parking DesignStructural Design of Additions, Alterations, & RepairsStructural AnalysisStructural EngineeringStructural InspectionsStructural Reinforcing DesignStructural Seismic DesignStructural Steel DesignStructural System Design – ComputerizedSurveying & Boundary Disputes ResolutionsTemporary Shoring / Jacking ProceduresTemporary Stability Analysis of Structures & MembersTimber Bridge Design & AnalysisTopographic SurveysTraffic Study AnalysisTransit Oriented Development (TOD) PlanningTransportation System Impact StudyTrip in Tow Surveys / PlanningTunnel Design & RepairUnderwater 3D Sonar ImagingUnderwater Dive InspectionsUtilities DesignUtility SurveysValue Engineering ReviewVessel Accessibility AnalysisWind, Wave & Current AnalysisWork Zone Traffic Control (WZTC) Plans