Ports, Coastal + Waterfront

As one of McLaren Engineering Group’s largest markets, our accomplishments range from simple pier and bulkhead designs to more complex berths and ship terminals. Our innovative ferry terminal designs were pivotal in the proliferation of passenger vessel transportation. By pioneering the “engineer-as-diver” concept, we were at the forefront of the national waterfront renaissance by delivering professional engineering (PE) design expertise to the underwater inspection process.

Specialty Services

Our core technical divisions include Marine, Geotechnical, Bridge/Highway/Rail, Site/Civil, Surveying, Forensics, Entertainment, Structural, Facade Engineering and Construction Engineering. View a full list of detailed services here.

McLaren’s specialized Ports, Coastal & Waterfront services include:

Aerial Drone SurveysAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA) StudiesAsset Management PlansBarge Design, Repair & InspectionBathymetric / Fathometric / Hydrographic SurveysBeach RestorationBerthing System DesignBorings - Marine & LandBreakwaters Design - Fixed & FloatingBuilding Code AssessmentsCaisson DesignCanal & Lock InspectionsCanal & Lock SurveysCanopy & Shade Structure DesignCoastal EngineeringCofferdam DesignConcrete Footings & Foundations DesignCondition AssessmentsCondition Inspections & SurveysConstructibility ReviewsConstruction AdministrationConstruction EngineeringConstruction InspectionConstruction Plans & SpecificationsConstruction SequencingCrane Stability Analysis - On Land & Barge MountedCruise Ship Terminal DesignDemolition Sequencing, Procedures & PlansDesign of Bulkheads, Relieving Platforms, Quay WallsDesign of Deep & Shallow Foundation SystemsDevelopment of Technical, Bid & Performance SpecificationsDocks, Floating Docks & Floating Structure DesignDredge Design & PermittingDrilled Piles, Tiebacks, Drilled Foundation DesignDry Dock InspectionsEnvironmental PermittingErection Sequencing, Procedures & PlansErosion Control DesignFabrication & Installation InspectionFatigue & Life Cycle AnalysisFeasibility StudiesFEMA Investigation - Storm ResponseFendering System DesignFerry Landing / Terminal Design - Fixed & FloatingFinite Element Modelling & AnalysisFlood Plain MappingForensic Investigations & EngineeringGeotechnical & Soils EngineeringHarbor Management PlanningHydrodynamic ModellingIntermodal Transport - Design & PlanningInvestigations of Existing ConditionsLife Cycle AnalysisLoad Rating AnalysisMarina DesignsMarine Borer Studies, Investigations & MitigationMarine EngineeringMarine Navigation StudiesMaterial Failure AnalysisMechanical EngineeringMitigation DesignMooring AnalysisMooring Structure DesignMoving Platform DesignNatural Disaster Recovery EffortsNaval ArchitecturePark DesignPassenger Amenity DesignPedestrian Bridge DesignPermittingPier Design - New & RepairPile Driving Design & InspectionPile Load TestingPlatform DesignPort PlanningRamps & Lift System DesignRange of Motion StudiesRecreational Boating Facility DesignRecycled Plastic Lumber (RPL) DesignReinforced & Prestressed Concrete DesignResilient Infrastructure DesignRetaining Wall DesignRo-Ro DesignScour AnalysisSea Bottom Cable InspectionsShoreline Stabilization / Seawall DesignSide Scan SonarSite Safety PlansSpecial InspectionsStatic & Dynamic AnalysisStormwater Pollution Plan (SWPPP) DesignStructural AnalysisStructural EngineeringStructural Reinforcing DesignTimber Structure Design & RepairsTower Crane & Mobile Crane Installation Design & Peer ReviewsTransportation System Impact StudyTrip in Tow Surveys / PlanningUnderpinning Design & AnalysisUnderwater 3D Sonar ImagingUnderwater Dive InspectionsValue Engineering ReviewVessel Accessibility AnalysisWaterfront Facility Master PlanningWaterfront PlanningWind, Wave & Current Analysis