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Staff Favorites
2022 NY Project Experiences

As we count down to the New Year, our team members are looking back on their favorite NY projects from 2022.

4… My Favorite 2022 NY Project Experience

The Public Art Experience that Highlights the Reality of Systemic Racism

McLaren Engineering Group at Mov­ing Chains Kinet­ic Sculp­ture

Barton Breisch, Entertainment Engineer

Entertainment Engineer, Barton Breisch is sharing his work on “The American Manifest: Moving Chains” by artist, Charles Gaines. The Public Art experience on Governors Island in NYC was created to highlight the reality of systemic racism.

“The 110-foot-long ship hull with kinetic features sculpture is located next to the harbor that was an essential waterway in the transatlantic slave trade. When you walk through the piece, a series of chains are continuously cycling and are supported by idler and drive shafts, which terminate into the surrounding steel superstructure. The artist wanted eight of the chains to turn at pace of the water currents, while the ninth central chain moves faster, representing the hurry of ship and barge traffic. The overall effect of the weight and motion of the chains produces a rhythmic, undulating loop that can be seen, felt, and heard.

Our team worked with AOA Tech from the ground up to design the structure and mechanics as efficiently as possible while maintaining the ability to disassemble and reassemble it. When considering ice loads, catenary forces through the 18″ long chain links increased approximately five times that of the normal operational cases. The axles could see as much as 65,000 pounds of force!”

3… My Favorite 2022 NY Project Experience

Helping to Revitalize Public Resources

Olivia Koster, PG, EIT, Marine Engineer

Marine Engineer, Olivia Koster, PG, EIT is sharing an important NYC public restoration project.

“My favorite project from 2022 was the design services for the reconstruction of Parks waterfront infrastructure that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. McLaren is the design engineer for a series of NYC Parks facilities that were damaged during the storm and is managing the rehabilitation and reconstruction of them using FEMA funding.

My role on the project is to oversee the administrative aspects of the project, as there are a lot of moving parts. This project is my favorite because it is helping to revitalize public resources all around the city!”

2… My Favorite 2022 NY Project Experience

Working on a Major NYCDEP Infrastructure Project

James Ingemi, P.E., Construction Engineer

Construction Engineer, James Ingemi, PE, is sharing a major NYCDEP infrastructure project, Five Arches Bridge, in Ulster County, NY. 

Our design eliminated the need for two cranes by utilizing the auxiliary line (aka whip line) in addition to the main boom line. This allowed us to use two rigging setups on one crane. This was important because the load had to be slowly transferred from one rigging setup to the other to allow the precast arch segment to rotate in the air into the upright setting position.”

1… My Favorite 2022
NY Project Experience

Diving in Near 0 Temperatures

Jacob Colon, Marine Engineer Diver

Marine Engineer Diver, Jacob Colon shares a thrilling dive inspection he performed on a frigid day last January.

“McLaren mobilized a 4-man dive crew to the Niagara Power Vista in Lewiston, NY to perform a confined space dive inspection in one of their downstream tail races in hopes of finding the sources of an internal leak. The site was located on the Niagara River and at the end of January we were dealing with near 0 temperatures, in what dive supervisor, JJ Woolley, P.E. said was probably the coldest day of his 10-year career.

To access the possible area of leak, divers were lowered 40’ down each draft tube in a manbasket by a telescopic crane to a rough elevation of 251’ above sea level! After breaking a sheet of ice, divers entered the water and inspected the entirety of each tail race, injecting colored dye into possible sources of the leak which was successfully traced inside.

Starting at McLaren just over a month prior, this was my 3rd professional dive, which I thought was pretty fascinating! Not only was it a successful (and cold) job well done, but it also showed the extent of conditions we go through as part of the job, adding a special appreciation for all in the field.