McLaren Engineering Group Diver conducting MOTEMS Inspections in California

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How much does a dive helmet weigh?
That and more answered by JJ Woolley

How much does a dive helmet weigh? A dive helmet typically weighs about 32 lbs topside but underwater the Archimedes Principle kicks in and it becomes neutrally buoyant. Watch this snippet of Senior Engineer and PE Diver, JJ Woolley, PE, sharing some more interesting facts and functions, with students during an online class, about one of his most important pieces of dive equipment.

After conducting recent underwater inspections of New York Harbor School’s kayak and boat launch piers, McLaren’s marine group saw an opportunity to give back and educate the high school students, who are preparing for careers on the water, about real-life applications in marine engineering. Initially slated as an in-person demonstration and dive inspection observation at the school’s Governors Island campus, our team had to shift gears to do a live virtual learning session. Members of our marine group answered questions and provided an introduction about the field, gave a career path overview, and discussed inspection tools and techniques.